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  1. The “NY Daily News” has always been marketed toward idiots. The “news” reported in that fish-wrapper is nonsense, and it always has been. People buy it for the comics, sports section, and illegal daily number.

    Aside from the NY Lottery daily number game, the last three digits of the “total track mutual pool” at Aqueduct race track is the daily lottery the bookies take bets on.

    1. This idiot thought it was a funny picture, man your really on some kind of trip today Jolly, what’s the matter, somebody kick your dog?

      1. Four days without nicotine. I won’t even talk to people in person — have to hide out for this withdrawal because I’m too anti-social and possibly verbally abusive without my cigarettes, and I can rip into someone real good.

        I once made a grown man cry just by talking to him.

        Wish me luck with the cigarettes. It’s kill or be killed with those things — it’s them or me.

        1. No problem Jolly, I get it. I smoke but only when I’m sitting at a 21 table, or a titty bar, or when I’m stone cold drunk.

  2. “or a titty bar,” Mark, you actually go into those places? Isn’t this a bit below your standards?

    1. Nope, my standards go out the window when im out here living in this box 24/7. Women aren’t exactly jumping into this truck Katie, welcome to the life of a 24/7 trucker. Who ever said I hold some kind of gold standards? I’ve been to some of the finest strip joints in the country. LMAO

      I’m from Vegas, remember? Met my third wife in one. Henry and Laura have been married 39 years, mine last 39 weeks. Give or take… 🙂

      What, you thought I was a choir

      1. I’ve been waiting for you to say something, Mark. I came very close to saying “How do you think he met his last wife…” 😉 LMAO

        1. I’m sitting in this shit truck stop in New Mexico, 115 degrees, engine never shuts down, I’m staying cool, but damn this shit gets lonely. 🙂

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