Common Core Reaches a New Low – Check This Out!

The Independent Sentinel – by Sara Nobel

Take a look at these third grade Common Core worksheets [Correction: Common Core-aligned worksheets].*

The first story for third graders takes a twisted social work approach to learning. The next story is about a cheating husband and father, and, again, it’s for third grade.  

Could we forego the nonsensical touchy-feely stuff and go back to actually teaching the children how to read literature and do math?

The first worksheet is the tale of Peter and Patty. It’s a terrible piece of literature (I’m using the word ‘literature’ very loosely). It’s about a father who abandons his children in the woods but wishes them well; some woman in the woods takes them in, feeds them fruits and vegetables (she must have been listening to Michelle Obama); and they all live happily ever after. Seriously???  I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say it’s bizarre! Whoever made this up is not right in the head.

third grade

Here is the other extremely age-inappropriate worksheet for third grade. This parent had the good sense to reject it. Who is making this stuff up?

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Rosalie Hanson contributed to this story

* Common Core is a set of Standards – age-inappropriate Standards – and the curricula being aligned with it is also age-inappropriate.

Source: The second story came from ELA Common Core Jeopardy Labs, Grade 3 , The first story is a worksheet given out in a 3rd grade Long Island school- no publisher was listed. There are many more worksheets just like these.

7 thoughts on “Common Core Reaches a New Low – Check This Out!

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We have only ourselves to blame. “WE the people” voted for our representatives (for the most part). Granted, the deck was stacked against us, but it’s STILL OUR FAULT. And ONLY we can correct this nonsense.
    I watched a documentary on RT where 4th grade school kids were learning how to dis-assemble and re-assemble an AK-47. Yet, here in America, a 4th grade school kid is suspended for using his hand as a make-believe pistol.
    Folks, the time is at hand. Do or die.

  2. Yeah, the second one is an affront to any moral parent.

    The first, meh. It’s better than a house made of HFC candy… Throw in a witch eating everyone an now we’re talking. Have you never read the original fairy tales? Now that’s disturbing.

    1. As a former school teacher, I agree with you on the second one. That has NO BUSINESS being given to an 8 year old. WTF??!!!

      With the first one, I guess they are trying to destroy the family at an early age.

      With the second one, are they trying to encourage feminism, insecurity and that it’s better to live a single life and that no one can be trusted?

      What happened to “The Three Little Pigs”, “Robin Hood”, “Cinderella” or stories with Happy Endings? Good job, Communist Core!

  3. “Here is the other extremely age-inappropriate worksheet for third grade. This parent had the good sense to reject it. Who is making this stuff up?”

    Communists, that’s who.

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