Commuter Train To Silently Broadcast Ads Directly Into Your Head

Before It’s News – by Zen Gardner

Sky Deutschland, the German railroad company, has developed a new technology that transfers audio from the train’s glass windows right into the heads of unsuspecting commuters.  It is similar technology used in hearing aids, headphones and Google Glass, transferring sound vibration through the bones of the inner ear.

Figuring that many passengers fall asleep with their heads against the windows, social engineers decided to take advantage of this opportunity to advertise.  Of course they did.  No one else will be able to hear the audio but the person with their head against the glass.  It’s bad enough they will use it to blast silent advertising into passengers’ heads, but the insidious potential to use this as another weapon against humanity is huge.

For more on the topic of undetectable silent weaponry being used against us right now, see The Relentless Invasion Of Our Minds here.

4 thoughts on “Commuter Train To Silently Broadcast Ads Directly Into Your Head

  1. Aha so I am not the only one that saw the potential for ahem “naughties” with this?

    My first thought was, how this could be used, hijacked even or infested with subliminal messaging, Vote Tory, Vote Republican, Give to Charity, Give your pin number and credit card details to a certain email address, sign up at your nearest army recruitment centre, buy only this brand, watch a certain show with subliminal programming later, comply, comply, comply… oh the fun that could be had with this and the auto suggestion will hit in the head almost like our inner voices would sound.

  2. They’ll never sell me a train ticket, but as creepy as this sounds, what most people don’t know is that they’ve been subjected to the same type of subliminal direction since TV broadcasting went digital in this country. (which is exactly why it went digital)

    And it’s also a very effective technology. It was used to induce Saddam’s “Republican Guard” to surrender during the first gulf war, which is why the radio stations were seized.

    When you watch TV, your mind is being controlled in ways that you can’t fathom. To learn more about the technology and how it works, you should use the search term “sound of silence”.

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