Compassionate and Respectful Words for the Elderly Prepper

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Respect For You

You have done some time on this earth and your experience is very valuable. May everyone show you respect and allow you your dignity whatever they situation. I will look out for you wherever you are around me as best I can. There are many in today’s world that do not believe in this way, so I hope that you have a way of leveling the playing field and enforcing respect if you have to, without compassion or compromise. You have that right, no matter a person age. It’s a natural thing.  

Thank You For Your Service

I want to thank you for your service in building this nation and paving the way for others. The state of this country in any negative way is not your fault. It’s something equally share among every citizen is at some level. Any negative outcome in disaster is due to the personal choices of all people prior to and in the aftermath of disaster. Thank you for everything you have offered this world in your time on this planet. It’s all your’s internally, whether you are satisfied or not with your efforts.


Retirement sounds like putting something up on a shelf, to me. I hope that you are using all of your ability to stay busy and go down swinging. I don’t believe in retirement, because I believe in continuing service to others that deserve it. I hope you do too, and stay as busy as you can to avoid becoming stagnant. Listen to your favorite music and dance, while singing aloud Please continue to love life to the final curtain with all the dignity you can muster.

Will You Survive A Disaster?

That all up to circumstance. If you do though, I hope you are healthy enough to move about or that others assist you in a respectful way. No matter how disabled you are, I hope that you keeping movement in some way and allow your body to strengthen itself in whatever areas it can. At some point we should accept a dignified path into the next stage of existence, but why make it easy on anyone to take your life.

What Do You Have To Offer?

You have a great wealth of experience to offer. You have lots of experience, hopefully some amount of wisdom and knowledge, along with a lifetime of preps in many ways. If your loved ones are not prepping, then you can leave behind preparedness if you perish in a disaster. I see a lot of me-me-me in prepping, and I hope that the older generation of preppers still have some amount of community and family left inside of them. Try not to consider your prepping at the level of someone of a younger age. Do your best and leave it at that. Smile!

Does Surviving Matter At My Age?

I am in my fifties now, and I am looking at things a little differently as far as surviving a very serious catastrophic world-wide event. I cannot physically do much of what I could do at a younger age do to joint issues, but I still train as best I can to be strong and have endurance. Our preps will surely be there for loved ones if we failed to survive, or for anyone that finds them. I know that some people’s thoughts are selfish even in death, but why not let my last act in life be one of generosity.

I do my best to train around my age limitations and acquired injuries over my lifetime. I am going to give survival my best shot and at least stick around to defend good people against evil marauders, rapists, murderers, and tyrants of all kinds of beliefs. It all depends on the level of disaster, the length of time without conveniences, and a person’s health with respect to the elderly group of preppers.

Do I want To Survive A Major Catastrophic Event?

Depending on the type and severity of a disaster, I may choose not to continue on by bugging out. This would mean facing massive chaos with those that are left in populated areas. I may though, choose to live out the rest of my life in the wild, even if it’s a short existence. This is something to consider at an older age. It is against my beliefs to take my own life, so I do not have a decision or plan to die.

Will The World Want Me Around?

It’s a question that many people will ask themselves at an older age. This is what I call “The question of fate”, and it is a useless question. A better path is a statement like, “I am here to stay unless the world thinks it can remove me”. Survival is taking actions in the solution and staying away from thoughts of failure or worth. I am the most important person to me. “To thine own self be true”.

No One Is Going To Listening To Me

Don’t expect anyone to listen to you. Sit back and watch the show of people that haven’t been listening for many hundreds of years.They are mostly spoiled and won’t listen to anyone, or even their own consciousness deep inside them. Do not tolerate abusiveness, but stay out of the way until they ask for help. The first people to be blamed for the loss of convenience or failure in any response systems will be the elders.

The spoiled will seek to blame anyone but themselves and their inaction prior to the event that left them needy and wanting. Mobs will rise up and possibly seek to remove the oldest in order to extend food and water sources. It’s best to stay out of the way unless you are requested by a group that is respectful and wishes your counsel. Then you can lead.

Your Goals

Legacy is always a good goal in the last years of life. Leaving something behind in some way for others to utilize and grow out of is a good goal for any prepper, regardless of age. More so, if someone is elderly and retired, to feel a sense of purpose in life. Perhaps you might not make it through a major disaster, but those that love you and come to look in on you might find useful preps that will aid them in their survival. Perhaps some other good person will find those preps and honor you in using them respectfully and to their fullest benefit. Maybe your legacy will soften their hearts to help others.

Your Needs

Depending on your health, your needs will be either simple or complex. You may need a lot of medications which are not possible to store in large quantity. You might need help for some of the more basic chores. If any disaster is small to moderate, you should be receiving help after a short period from emergency services or from your neighbors, but in a major wide-spread disaster, you will likely be on your own.

I would advise being capable in some way of defending yourself with some serious firepower and tricks. Hopefully your neighbors will assist each other, but don’t count on it these days depending on where you live, as the general character and life principles of many people have been greatly reduced. Always depend on your own efforts, and accept people working together as a bonus in life.

Your Leadership

Hopefully you are a mature person, regardless of age. With age, does not always come wisdom, because some people really do not ever learn. Your direct leadership, knowledge, and experience will be needed in major disasters. Most people do not how to live without conveniences and electronic devices. In this regard, you can step right up and calmly guide the lost masses.

One thing you risk in leading, is the initial griping. If you do nothing, you risk outright chaos as the internal fear grips the masses and the rioting and anarchy spreads everywhere. Of course this will happen anyway, but attempt to contain it as best as you can. It’s the fear that causes most of it, but many will be opportunists. Part of leadership is assessment and removal of threats, though. Try to make a stand where you are and calmly rally people to stick together in their efforts.

Your Priorities

These are your own, based on your principles and values for yourself and humanity. I myself am very turned-off by what I have seen of humanity, but my internal spirit always pushes me to be of service to others. Priorities are always being revisited in life, as life changes regularly. Life priorities are sometimes dramatically in flux, so roll with it and keep your preps always in conjunction with all of life’s variables.

We All Need You

The world today is a throw-away world. Use it and throw it away. People are treated this way as well. Please don’t feel that you are not useful. You are the most important people in a world-wide disaster, because you have seen and lived with less convenience before. You know how to do it. While the younger generation may at first not see it, you are going to be the exact thing that they need to survive. They will first see you as slower and burdensome, but when they consider what you vocally share and see the benefit in it, they will see your ultimate value and also protect you.

8 thoughts on “Compassionate and Respectful Words for the Elderly Prepper

  1. These are good thoughts, well articulated. I have thought some of them myself, but not put into words. Along the lines of, I know I have a lot to offer (still), but I do not know if anyone looking at me will realize that. I am already at the age where women become “invisible.” So I have been a little bemused at times, thinking, if people do not look at each other beneath the surface, how will we ever know what a person is capable of?

    And I intend to use that underestimation of my capabilities to our advantage. 😉

    And here is another thing that we older people have: I have lived enough of my life that I am fully prepared to die (while doing plenty of damage to the opposition). That means I’m not going to shrink from doing what must be done, because I have no fear. I had fear when I was younger and felt that my whole life lay ahead of me. I didn’t know what it was like to live without fear, then. It was just part of the landscape, like the air we breathe. But people like me, well, I could still be around for some more decades and absolutely will, if I can, but what I have to offer has a more enduring quality, so whether I remain here longer or not, this life has not been for nothing.

  2. Societies can be judged by how they treat their elderly, and we should not allow ourselves to be judged as cold, uncaring people.

    The author’s words are compassionate, and wise, but I think he makes his best point in the last paragraph. The fact of the matter is that we NEED our elderly, because there’s a lot more to be done than physical labor, and the next generation is unskilled, and very poorly educated. We’ll be lucky to have people around that can pass their skills to a new generation, and teach them everything that Commie Core tries to cloud over.

  3. there are a lot of things us old farts can do to assist in the renewing of our republic. I will not enumerate them here, as the enemy is watching everything on this site including all posts. That said…. The enemy is afraid of us because they have no idea what we are capable of. They are , however, experiencing some of those capabilities. Of course these instances are not being reported, but they are happening just the same.

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      Look up:

      Organic cell broken Chlorella adding with it celantro capsules if you do not like eating it raw Also Spirulina I am on all three too much to tell you about but it is easy to find information on it.

  4. 34yo

    I would prefer to go into battle with anyone older than me than some 15 or 22yo. I dont care if they are 35 or 85.
    As we get older we see whole pictures and tend not to overreact with emotions like younger people do. Also older people tend to move with purpose and kids cant sit still or stfu.
    Most of my people are vietnam Vets anyways. With grown kids, an education and very experienced at human nature. Not to mention many of them are well stocked with ammo and firearms unlike teens and 20somethings(or 30 somethings for that matter) that tend to be raising families and would rather have an ipad.
    Plus someone has to know how to make some dank food from scratch when mcdonalds burns down or get the diesel working again.

  5. This ol’ Marine will defend what’s his. Remember that old saying. “a young man will fight you. An old man will kill you.”

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