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Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks out about CDC scientist’s admission of vaccine research fraud

CDCNatural News – by Mike Adams

A stunning new interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield conducted by Gary Franchi of the Next News Network has just been posted. This interview is the first video interview with Dr. Wakefield following the admission of scientific fraud by a top CDC scientist named Dr. William Thompson.

Earlier this week, Dr. Thompson went public with an historic confession, admitting the CDC knowingly conspired to bury the evidence that MMR vaccines caused a 340% increase in autism among African-American children.      

“The autism community has been deceived for a period of 13 years,” says Dr. Wakefield in the interview. “These children have gone untreated and relatively neglected by the government and others; the parents [were] dismissed, vilified and humiliated when they tried to say my child was damaged by this vaccine. …The CDC have been covering this up. It’s an utter disgrace. For me, it’s a sadness that this has come to pass. It’s a tragedy. Yes, it vindicates the [theory] that we put forward to the CDC originally… [the CDC] has been covering it up since 2001.”

Watch the full interview on YouTube:

Or see the video here:

More importantly, share this video everywhere in the name of saving children from vaccine violence. The corrupt, corporate-controlled mainstream media absolutely refuses to cover this story, hoping they can bury the truth about vaccines in exactly the same way the CDC buried the data.

Here’s another very important video to view, covering Dr. Thompson’s public confession of vaccine research fraud at the CDC:

Learn more:

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One Response to Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks out about CDC scientist’s admission of vaccine research fraud

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I’m glad this cat is out of the bag, because many Americans see the CDC as our saviors, and it’ll be good for them to find out that the CDC is in the same BS & corruption business as the rest of our government.

    I have to ask, because I don’t see it myself: Is this being covered by the Zionist media? If it is, it’ll be a nice wake-up call for millions of idiots, but I doubt it will be (covered by them), because the Zionists won’t want to see their pharmaceutical companies sued into poverty, and their medical monopoly challenged.

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