Conclusive Evidence the 9/11 Planes were NOT REAL

Published on Jun 1, 2013 911PlanesHoax

Were there really passengers on any flights associated with the plot of 9/11? Dean T. Hartwell, author of “Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11” makes a convincing argument that there were none. He says that two planes (United 175 and 93) actually flew to Ohio that day without anyone on board, to be hidden from the public that thought these planes had crashed as part of a “terrorist” plot. All reasonable evidence points toward a hoax.…

Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11
This is the second edition of Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11. It is written by one of the leading researchers on the issue of planes and passengers, Dean T. Hartwell. This edition confirms the conclusion of the first book that no hijackings took place that day and puts together a more complete theory: Only two planes of the four planes alleged to be connected with the 9/11 plot actually flew on that day. And the passengers were not people who paid a ticket to go from one place to another. They were instead agents connected to the plot who were chosen to help cover up the crime. This theory is based primarily upon two facts: (1) the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), which maintains information on all commercial flights in the United States, in its original form stated clearly that while United 175 and United 93 were scheduled and flew, American 11 and American 77 did not and (2) ACARS, a system much like electronic mail and GPS, shows that United 175 and United 93 were flying over the Midwestern part of the United
States long after their supposed “crashes” on the east coast. Agents pretending to be passengers were seen at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport late that morning. They walked toward A NASA building to make calls to the media to straighten out an impression many had that the Internet reported that United 93 had landed in Cleveland. History should not be a lie agreed upon by the media, the politicians and others of influence. History must give us the most likely events based on the available information. This book aims to be a part of history we may not want to believe, but we should believe because it weighs the facts in an objective manner.…

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

9 thoughts on “Conclusive Evidence the 9/11 Planes were NOT REAL

  1. Thats what opened my eyes to 9-11
    The “pilot” and a flight attendant are the only people from that flight that where named and well lets just say they both deep DIA/CIA.
    NOT 1 damned insurance payout for anyone’s family including those two.

    Everyone said to be on the 93 flight where “recruit-able” for military/CIA.
    Iv flown a lot and can say iv never been on a flight that didnt have at least 1 old person or child or handicapped. This flight had all 19-44year olds on board. All in above average physical condition and many with family ties to agencies. In fact the average languages spoken by each person on that flight was 2.68. Thats one talented passenger list.
    Also why would United spend millions 4 years later to test cell phones on board when they worked so good that day. you believe me, dont you mom?

  2. Watch the second plane approaching. You will see how the Port wing tip disappears behind a building even though the plane is in front of it!

    Here is a video clip of the plane in slow motion:

  3. I’ve been saying this for over 2 years.

    When John Lear, one of THE best pilots in the world FLATLY states even HE couldn’t have pulled off such a near impossible feat of flying, I tend to believe him, rather than believe 19 Saudis that may or may not have practiced flying in a single engine airplane once or twice could have flown two massive jet planes UNERRINGLY into those towers. Not to mention the fact that is literally IMPOSSIBLE for planes THAT size to fly at THAT speed at THAT ALTITUDE.

    Sorry. The laws of physics are immutable.

    Even for the jews.

  4. I’ve done the research. Project Bluebeam is fully capable of projecting holograms of this quality.

    Too many who consider themselves awake continue to underestimate the capabilities of the enemy.

  5. My 3rd and final point is this:

    Even if you disregard the previous, it is STILL impossible for what is basically a hollow tube composed mainly of aluminum, rubber and glass, no matter HOW fast it’s flying, to COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR into a building composed mainly of concrete and steel. Basic Science 101 tells us that thing would have folded like an accordion upon impact, with no more than possibly a third of it actually remaining inside the building, and the rest falling OUTSIDE to the ground.

    Again, the laws of physics are IMMUTABLE.

    Even for the jews.

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