Confronting tyranny

freedcNortheast Intelligence Network- by Douglas J. Hagmann

Presented here is a five-minute video of one man’s spirit and determination to stand up to governmental tyranny. This video should accompany the behind the scene report by guest contributor Catherine Crabill, who was present just after this display of true American spirit was displayed by this young man.  

Joel Kurtinitis appeared as a lone voice among the crowd, leading those standing in front of the “Barry-cades” to exercise not only their rights, but duties as Americans to take back what the tyrannical despot illegally occupying the White House and his tyrannical cronies on both sides of the false right-left paradigm have taken from every American.

Democrats or Republicans, so-called conservatives or Progressives, they are traitors to their oaths to the U.S. Constitution. Worse, they are traitors to every American who they claim to represent. These self-serving cronies of a Socialist utopia and their media mouthpieces are unworthy of standing in this young man’s shadow. There are 535 of these cowards in Congress, along with a Constitutionally ineligible usurper in the White House, who intend to subjugate us to their tyrannical rule and complete the destruction of the United States Constitution. Yet it was one man from Iowa who stood firm, facing arrest for reclaiming what is ours, to cause these tyrants to stand down.  What struck me is his resolve, unwavering even after the people who stood beside him had left him alone to face the consequences of his civil disobedience.

Readers, it is the duty and the obligation of every American to stand up, stand firm, and stand together. Let’s take a lesson from this man. Do not abandon the fight, as such bullies back down when out-numbered and when righteous moral outrage and true courage is displayed in the American spirit. This man should illustrate that together, we can take back the freedoms that have been taken from us, whether it be through “Barry-cades” or the unlawful and un-Constitutional treatment at our airports at the hands of the TSA. We need leaders to come forward, to lead this fight against the assaults on our God-given liberties. We don’t need “grand-standers” but true leaders who will not back down, who will not acquiesce to the tyranny that is exponentially greater than when this country was founded. We need men of pure hearts to come forward and lead the charge, saying “ENOUGH!” If we do not stand firm now, the alternative, in any manner it plays out, will be unthinkable.

Watch the video.

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