Connecticut Gun Group Issues Ultimatum to Government: Molon Labe, Or Repeal

800px-Molon_labeBearing Arms – by Bob Owens

Gun rights group Connecticut Carry has issued an ultimatum to politicians in the Constitution State today, telling the government that they should either follow through on their threats to try to confiscate more than 325,000 undocumented firearms and 2 million standard capacity magazines, or admit that they passed a law without the consent of the people, and will repeal it in its entirety:  

…State officials look down the barrel of the laws that they created, and it is very probably that they now tremble as they rethink the extremity of their folly. Connecticut Carry calls on every State official, every Senator, and every Representative, to make the singular decision: Either enforce the laws as they are written and let us fight it out in court, or else repeal the 2013 Gun Ban in its entirety.

As many media sources have pointed out, there is very little compliance with the new edicts, and there is absolutely no way for the State to know who is obeying the law or not. State officials have made their bluff, and Undersecretary Lawlor has made his position clear, that the State will enforce the laws. We say: Bring it on. The officials of the State of Connecticut have threatened its citizens by fiat. They have roared on paper, but they have violated Principle. Now it’s time for the State to man-up: either enforce its edicts or else stand-down and return to the former laws that did not so violently threaten the citizens of this state.

There is nothing that will so completely destroy faith in those edicts faster than the State-provoked chaos and violence that will be required to enforce the 2013 anti-gun laws. Connecticut residents should not have to live in perpetual fear of “the jack boot” coming down on them. Unenforced, frequently repeated threats fall on deaf ears. By passing laws that they cannot or choose not to enforce, State officials tell the public that this State is ignorant, immoral, blind, and impotent in its legal and decision making processes. The passage of such foolishly conceived, insufferable laws is an affront to every law-abiding citizen. Every official who supports such legal foolishness mocks our State and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

If the state does not have the stomach to enforce these laws, then the legislature has until May 7th, 2014 to completely repeal these immoral edicts and let the residents of Connecticut return to their rightfully owned property and former exercise of constitutional rights and practices without any threat of State violence.

“From Governor Malloy, to Undersecretary Lawlor to DESPP, Commissioner Schriro, and Lieutenant Cooke of the firearms unit, and including Lt. Paul Vance, the state needs to shit, or get off the pot. The fact is, the state does not have the balls to enforce these laws. The laws would not survive the public outcry and resistance that would occur.” – Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta

If officials of the State of Connecticut opt to get ‘froggy’ (jumping on citizens) and start to enforce the new laws (as officials have claimed a desire to do), Connecticut Carry stands ready to do whatever it takes and whatever it can do to represent and defend anyone impacted by the State’s violence.

That sounds very much like a “come and take them” challenge to the government of Connecticut, especially those legislators who voted for this blatantly unconstitutional law over the will of the people.

The dramatic choice of language from Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta is striking, and seems to indicate that this group, at least, has no intention of quietly accepting threats emanating from state government.

7 thoughts on “Connecticut Gun Group Issues Ultimatum to Government: Molon Labe, Or Repeal

  1. Way to go Connecticut Carry!! If you stand together and help each other out there is no way this bunch of cowards will come for you. They will stand down! A whole bunch of police officers will be very relieved when they do.

    1. I must also state that Connecticut has a VERY commie outlook against their citizens (hard to feel sorry for buttheads who voted these vipers in), and a whole state police force made up of super asshole, macho, chest beating morons collectively called State Police. They are the Gistapo that the cowards will send in. They can’t wait to show their stuff. Word of advise – leave enough alive to carry away their departed. Or not.

  2. It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Gun Control Plan


  3. I may start building some new ammo today. 225 gr. BTHP .308s. I think I will call them the Freedom Rounds. 🙂

  4. I hope they kill ’em all even if they do repeal the law. Gun control is only one part of a much bigger problem.

  5. I admire their courage. Let’s hope that the people of Connecticut will act on their words if they have to.

    I really hate to piss on this patriotic parade but… most households have either the husband or both parents working while their kids are in school. So, the State knows when a majority of these Patriots won’t be home. Coupled with the latest SCOTUS ruling regarding warrantless searches, the Gestapo can easily (lawfully?) break-in to anyone’s house when the occupants are away. When they find the guns, the parents can expect themselves to be arrested at work, and their kids to be taken into DYS custody at school. This covert action by the State will be the moment that determines if the Connecticut Patriots fight or surrender. The outcome of that moment will determine the fate for the rest of our Country’s gun owners.

    Both sides in this argument want to avoid bloodshed, and the element of surprise will always be in favor of the State. That’s my take on this situation… I hope that someone can show me to be wrong in my theory of future events.

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