Connecticut scrambles for amnesty plan after realizing that citizens are refusing to register their “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines

Copy of josey wales aint bullshittinBearing Arms – by Bob Owens

There’s a scene at the end of the animated film Despicable Me after the villain Vector’s master plan has gone horribly awry, and he finds himself on the surface of the Moon, with the Earth in the background. Realizing his predicament, he utters a short succinct phrase.   

Governor Dannel Malloy and the government of the state of Connecticut are having their own “Oh, poop” moment, now that they’ve tallied the number of citizens who have registered their “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” required by the state’s unconstitutional gun laws, compared that to the estimated number of applicable weapons and magazines in the state, and realize they’ve been ignored.

Historically speaking, 90-percent or more of those required to comply with gun registration laws in the U.S. refuse to do so, and there is no reason to suspect that this registration attempt in Connecticut is any different. I’ve seen estimates of 1,000,000 firearm magazines that should have been registered under the law, but the state reports registering only 40,000… just 4 percent.

Against this backdrop of failure, the anti-gun government of Connecticut is contemplating an “amnesty” to encourage those who haven’t registered to do so, and the local media is more than willing to do their part in the spin game:

Amid concerns about gun owners who failed in their last-minute attempts to register now-illegal assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines, lawmakers are considering granting an amnesty period for people who missed the registration deadline.

The comprehensive gun-control bill enacted last spring required owners of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to register the guns and declare ownership of the magazine if they wished to keep them.

About 50,000 assault weapons were registered last year, and close to 40,000 people declared possession of magazines – many of them doing so during the final days of December. But legislative leaders in recent weeks have raised concerns with the governor’s office that some individuals who attempted to register their weapons were prevented from doing so as a result of early post office closings on New Year’s Eve.

There were a number of craven souls that did line up in the last few days of December to register their arms and magazines, but that is not the reason that Connecticut’s government is spurred to call for amnesty.

They’re calling for an amnesty period because their internal estimates likely show that their attempt to browbeat the citizenry into registering their arms for future confiscation has been a abject failure, and they are desperate to do anything they can do to encourage compliance now that their threats have failed.


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Bob Owens is the Editor of A long-time shooting enthusiast, he began blogging as a North Carolina native in New York at the politics-focused Confederate Yankee in 2004. In 2007 Bob began writing about firearms, gun rights, and crime at Pajamas Media, and added gun and gear reviews for Shooting Illustrated in 2010. He is a volunteer in the Appleseed Project, where he shares stories of our shared American heritage and teaches traditional rifle marksmanship. His personal blog is, and he can be found on Twitter at bob_owens.

13 thoughts on “Connecticut scrambles for amnesty plan after realizing that citizens are refusing to register their “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines

  1. LMAO Amnesty? Are you serious?

    They have not broken any law for a law that is unconstitutional is not lawful therefore it is not to be obeyed. What is not to see in the Bill of rights “shall not be infringed”? Do they understand what that means. The people do you dumb asses and they are STANDING!

  2. Looks as though the sanitation department is going to have a big mess to clean up at the governor’s office and the rest of the government office’s. Stand fast people of Connecticut you are making a difference. That sound you hear is their knees knocking.

  3. I hope they stand fast, and I hope the politicians are crapping their shorts..

    Those that folded like a cheap tent..Screw you Traitors!

    do NOT play… Ignore it like its Illegal, because it is!

  4. I remember the IRS offering a period of amnesty to tax evaders/non-filers, and that magnanimous move didn’t bear any fruit either.

  5. This is what it will take, citizens to tell the gov kiss off and do not register. Good job on 90 % of the state . Ass kissers 10% of the state.

  6. I am sorry to hear that it seems 10% registered,could get interesting in the state of Ct.To all the non registers in state of Ct.,stand tall and proud,the constitution is behind you and things go really south so are also millions of citizens,3% is a lot of people in this country and feel that percentage would grow quickly is things go bad.

    1. What is it with you guys and this 3% bullshit? 100% minus 10% is 90% across America, just like it is in Connecticut. What, did somebody name their site, The III% in order to assist our enemy in minimizing our numbers through a lie?
      Not here. We know we are the vast majority and 3% is a bullshit number – propaganda bullshit put out by the enemy and an absolute lie.

      1. Henry,I believe in the first go round only 3 % will fight unlawful/unconstitutional wreckage of our country,be glad to be wrong and more stand up for the rights that our founding fathers believed in and made law,will be happy to welcome more to the fold.That said,feel at moment we are a small percentage but enough to get the ball rolling!

        1. James,
          Your heart seems to be in the right place so I will be as delicate as I can. 90% have told these communists to shove their registration for confiscation up their ass. They have done so because they understand the implications. When they come for the guns that 90% across the board will fight or die because you don’t get to live if you surrender your guns. That is not the deal the communists are offering here. And this will be the standard until the issue is settled.
          That’s the lay of the land. They are not coming after 3%, they are coming after 100%. And like I said, I think everybody understands that to surrender your gun is to surrender your life. If you register your gun or your clips, you are telling them where to come to kill you first. Everybody who wants to live will fight, quite simply because they have no choice in the matter.

  7. Better to fight and die in the trenches than to acquiesce to Zionist communist tyranny.

    At least 90% in CT. understand this.

    Unfortunately, I have serious doubts about the majority in this state.

  8. This is excellent news. 90% with a middle finger up high and proud.

    Registration is humiliation, infringement and a personal target.
    As has been seen throughout history registration leads to confiscation, and then death death and more death.

    No thanks, I’ll keep my weapons and bow to no man.


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