Conspiracy Confirmed! TWA Flight 800 Whistleblowers Speak Out – NTSB Told Them To Lie

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We learn tonight that the crash of TWA Flight 800 off of the coast of New York back in 1996 was much more than we had been previously told as whistleblowers have come out stating that the NTSB told them to lie by placing gag orders on this entire episode of American history in another US government coverup now falling to pieces. Think that the crash of TWA’s flight 800 wasn’t a cover-up or a conspiracy? Then you haven’t read the latest. (An outstanding video on the coverup of TWA Flight 800 also below):    

group of whistleblowers, including a number of aviation experts, have come forward in a new documentary to claim that the official explanation for the crash of TWA Flight 800 was wrong and a gas tank explosion did not bring down the flight off the coast of New York.

In fact, the whistleblower team, which includes among its members investigators who at the time worked for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), TWA, and the Airline Pilots Association, all of whom have since retired from their positions, have now claimed that during the incident, they were all placed under a gag order by the NTSB. The NTSB subsequently ended up falsifying the official conclusion of the cause of the crash. The whistleblowers said that they would say much more on a Wednesday media interview as the lies of the US government are quickly now falling apart. Much more below.


Benghazi ‘Narrative’ Reads Like TWA 800′s.  To sustain the lie, however, insiders had to tell more lies still.  The FBI would fabricate a second interview with Witness No. 73 that never took place.  The CIA — yes, that CIA — would fabricate a second interview with Mike Wire that also never took place.  NTSB insiders would lie outright about what Joseph Delgado saw, but the election came and went without anyone even knowing who these people were.  In 1996, however, there was no ubiquitous internet, no Facebook, no YouTube.  Fox News came online only later that year.  It would have been impossible for any White House to pull this massive a misdirection off in 2012 so close to home.  America would have seen videos of the shoot-down online before the White House could control the information flow.

TWA Flight 800: 16 Years and Still No Questions.  In the year 2000, investigative reporter James Sanders came to Kansas City to talk about his research into the fate of TWA flight 800, the plane that crashed into the waters off Long Island on July 17, 1996, sixteen years ago today.  Sanders chose Kansas City because the town had historically been the headquarters for TWA.  As a result, many pilots, mechanics, and flight attendants still lived there.  The audience was filled with them.  Almost to a person, they believed what he was saying — the plane had been shot out of the sky.


Investigating the Mystery of TWA 800.  Sunday, July 17th, marked the 15th anniversary of the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island, New York at approximately 8:30 p.m., 12 minutes after it left New York’s Kennedy Airport heading for Paris, killing all 230 people aboard.  To commemorate this tragic event, AIM gathered a group of people who have looked into this event, each bringing his own insights and knowledge of the case to the table.

Video:  TWA 800: The Search for the Truth

Mystery of TWA Flight 800 Lives On.  The last active lawsuit seeking to get to the truth of what happened back on July 17, 1996, when TWA 800 blew up off the coast of Long Island, has basically reached the end of the line.

Mystery of TWA Flight 800 Lives On.  [Ray] Lahr is a former Navy pilot, engineer and crash investigator, who spent more than 30 years with United Air Lines, the last 20 of those as a safety representative for the Air Line Pilots Association.  He received the Air Safety Award, the highest honor given by the Air Line Pilots Association, and was an engineer, who designed and patented the Jeppesen Computer, which is widely used by airline pilots.  Ray Lahr became interested in the case as events unfolded.  But he chose to get involved after watching a CIA-produced animation of the government’s scenario of what happened to TWA 800.

13 thoughts on “Conspiracy Confirmed! TWA Flight 800 Whistleblowers Speak Out – NTSB Told Them To Lie

  1. Just saw this article on Yahoo. There are many comments stating that they talked to eyewitnesses, even Vietnam vets, who all said they saw a missile. This has government cover-up written all over it.

  2. I have always thought this was a cover up. I had forgotten about it until I saw this this morning and had one of those “I knew it” moments. I’m not sure it was terrorist’s that did this but maybe a test that went way out of control.

  3. Is there a passenger list? I am curious to look up the bios of the passengers on that flight. Might be very telling. Don’t think anyone has ever investigated this, have they? Very curious as, not likely this was an “accident” on the military’s part. Even if it was an accidental live fire drill, why not admit it, apologize, and pay compensation? “Sumthin’ Stinks”

      1. I forgot the JFK,jr. crash, too, another obvious EMP weapon take-down. This was one week before he was going to announce a run in the primary election for New York senator, in which he would have easily trounced Hilary Clinton, crushing her dream of taking the White House.

        Then there’s the Commerce Secretary Ron Brown crash. And the 9/11 widow who was taken out in a commuter plane crash. And the computer expert who ran the George W. bush election theft and was about to testify to Congress. Is this a pattern yet? NTSB, you got a lotta ‘splainin’ to do.

        1. The JFK Jr. crash is definitely suspicious. You don’t cross or even do business with the Clintons. Ultimate price to pay. Don’t laugh(I’m serious here), I think John Lennon was going to run for some political office. Whatever level, he would have slaughtered any opponent.

    1. Let us not forget Korean flight 007, shot down by the Russians. Congressman McDonald was a major thorn in their (NWO) side.

      1. Right — Congressman McDonald had announced that he was going to go public with some explosive new information concerning the JFK assassination when he returned stateside, so he was never allowed to return. I’ve always wondered what the NWO gave the Russians in return for their cooperation in the shoot-down. It must have been a big favor, concession, or pile of money. They had to have known it was a civilian airliner, and would have forced it to land or simply lodged a complaint with a warning rather than shoot it down if violating Russian airspace was the only issue.

        1. He was also coming out with some dirt on the Trilateral Commission, as well as the CFR.

          They could no longer afford to let him live.

  4. I remember when this happened……there were multiple witness saying they saw a missile shoot down the plane.

  5. I’m currently watching this. I had to stop and comment because my conspiracy theorist bell rang when they said Donaldson died in August 2001. How convenient s it that a major & vocal thorn in their side died 1 month before 9-11?

  6. He was said to have tickets to china around the time of tianaman sqaure and tank man,he dissapeared its said they killed Jesus ,they did kill john lennon so pitty anyone very famous n poweful ,speak out bang bang ya dead,now you don’t have to be famous facebook.steve,landofoz.:-)

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