4 thoughts on “Controversy over proposed kids vaccine bill

  1. Just putting this here ’cause I don’t know where else to put it and because it’s kids-related. Such a big part of my mind goes to the children and what it’s like for them in these poisonous, corrupt, and inverted times. I see so many messed up ones. Some trying so desperately to be cool. Others fully given over to what tv TELLS them is cool. I see half-humans, blended with rainbows and artificial intelligence. I know there are still many sweet and wholesome kids and many parents who are fighting for their children’s rights to a natural life, and that is encouraging. Still, the predators are crawling everywhere. Here’s just one bizarre example of an anti-family programmer:



  2. Sounding the alarm:

    “Life-threatening VAERS (vaccine injury) reports up 4,400 percent since COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ rollout. Claiming that the shots are ‘safe and effective’ is unconscionable.”
    — Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, 2/17/23

    But who’s listening? The choir? The already jabbed? The already jabbed who are beginning to get outraged? Almost everybody? Everybody except the people who believe tv? So many ‘alarms’ have already been sounded. “Those who have ears…”


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