9 thoughts on “Cooper

  1. The very first book I ever read about the NWO.

    He still believed the Holohoax was legitimate, but he was right about most everything else.

    1. The NWO scum bags can make anybody do what ever the hell they want, especially kids with fkd up parents.

      I know it’s not popular to say, but I blame commie book, get rid of it, it’s a gun killer social site, designed in a way to eventually kill gun rights, using stupid ignorance and self importance to achieve a result.

      1. “… I blame commie book…”

        I place the majority of the blame squarely on t.v. ‘programming’ myself, Mark.

        THE # 1 freedom-destroying device ever created, imo.

        1. “I place the majority of the blame squarely on t.v. ‘programming’ myself, Mark.”

          I second that. The TV brainwashing is the first battle….. the rest is easy.

  2. Apparently, “disclosure” is coming soon.
    While I do not buy into the aliens from outer space routine, Cooper’s book sheds plenty of light on the secrecy surrounding our government’s activities.
    The “alien” narrative is to prop up the military, cause, we sure need more military. All the Operation Paperclip/NASA stuff is classified, but that’s to make the aliens seem real.
    We are so manipulated it is quite amazing. Look up bacon and eggs for breakfast. Our old friend, Ed Bernays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLudEZpMjKU
    Our beliefs are not necessarily our own.

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