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Cop ‘Accidentally’ Pepper Sprays 4-Year-Olds During Kindergarten Visit

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Counter Current News – by Jackson Marciana

More police in the schools will make kids safer, right? That’s what a lot of people have been saying for years, but the evidence seems to tell a very different story.

Recently, several children as young as 4-years-old found themselves “accidentally” pepper sprayed by police officers from the Gwent Police Department during a visit to Gilfach Fargoed Elementary School, in Bargoed, Caerphilly county in Wales.  

Well, it wasn’t exactly “pepper” spray, the new and improved “riot” spray is technically called “PAVA” (pelargonic acid vanillylamide) and has replaced CS spray in many places because it is deemed to be significantly more effective than regular pepper spray.

The less for the day was on the riot equipment used by the police force… Because that’s important for elementary school students to learn about, right?

Instead of demonstrating with a “fake” pepper spray canister, the officers discharged a real canister, just like they use on non-violent protesters and the like on the streets.

Eight students, four and five years old, were hit with the spray. The chief of the force said that he apologizes for the “error.”

While there is little question that this was an accident, it is hard to regard it as a simple error, when it is such a bizarre idea to spray a “fake” canister of pepper spray in the faces of children.

A spokesperson for the department said that “parents were contacted by a senior officer to explain what happened, discuss any concerns and offer our sincere apologies. Medical treatment wasn’t required on the day, however, parents were advised to seek medical attention if they had any concerns.

“Further enquiries into the error are now being undertaken and, as a result of yesterday’s incident, school liaison officers will no longer be taking any demonstration (mock) PAVA spray into schools.”

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3 Responses to Cop ‘Accidentally’ Pepper Sprays 4-Year-Olds During Kindergarten Visit

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Before even considering the utter stupidity of the pig who gassed the kids, you have to ask “why on Earth do they feel they need to demonstrate riot control techniques to a gang of 4 year-old kids, anyway”?

    The only possible reason is to make sure they grow up in fear of the state, and we’re going to have to give these kids a very different lesson.

  2. James Bergen says:

    We the American poll,Lice need teach these kids to fear us at a early age. Then when we beat them down on the street we know they are pretrained to acept our abuse. And will know better than to complain. Only in America do the police get away with such. The great American joke payed for by the taxpayer. If that happened were I live the cop would be looking for a new job the next day. In a different town. Because the parents would be looking for him here. Police officer or not.

  3. Mark in NV says:

    These kids are going to grow up with a chip on their shoulder now. These pigs who gas them are only making matters worse. Find me a cop who cares, and helps instead of gas, and i,ll make a rocket launcher out of a staple gun.

    Accident? Maybe…..Scumbag? Yes

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