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WINTHROP (CBS) – A Winthrop Auxiliary Police officer is accused of dealing drugs out of his cruiser. Bledar Naco was arrested by the FBI, Winthrop and Revere Police Departments late last Thursday.

Other law enforcement sources informed Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty that Naco had allegedly distributed drugs in uniform and out of an Auxiliary Police cruiser on several occasions.  

“I am relieved the investigation ended in Naco’s arrest and without incident,” Chief Delehanty said. “I am grateful for the collaboration of our Federal, State and local partners.”

Naco was arraigned in Federal District Court on Friday and held pending a Detention Hearing at Federal Court.

“Even though it’s an auxiliary volunteer police officer, they’re still in uniform, they still wear a badge,” Chief Delehanty said. “So it tarnishes everyone’s badge.” [Source]

4 thoughts on “Cop Arrested: Cop Dealing Drugs from Cruiser – News Report

  1. That’s what he gets for dealing outside of department policy.

    Others weren’t getting their cut, apparently.

  2. I tried to find the comment thread from this morning but I couldn’t remember the article. I talked to diggerdan and he said you got back to me regarding the Jim Stone research. It’s time “we make things right” regarding the scum that think their shit don’t stink and deem everyone else as “soulless animals”. F#%k “em!

    1. Sorry, Millard. I can’t remember what article that was, but I do remember the question and my reply. I said that by what I’ve seen from sources other than Stone, it appears that’s exactly what happened. Mossad planted not only micro-nukes at Fukushima, but also the Stuxnet virus (same one they used against Iran’s centrifuge facility), which is why NONE of the back-up safety systems worked.

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