Cop dashcam captures spectacular giant fireball flaring over Maine


A Portland police officer caught speeding of a different kind when a meteor flashed before his eyes during an early morning traffic patrol.

The meteor was captured on Sgt. Tim Farris’ dashcam just before 1 a.m. Tuesday and uploaded to Facebook by the Portland Police Department, who were evidently amazed by the celestial phenomenon.  

The American Meteor Society shared the video on its website, generating so much traffic it caused the site to crash, according to The Portland Press Herald.

The society also reported sightings of the astounding fiery streak over coastal Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. In total, it registered 225 sightings of the fireball from Canada to New Jersey, and shared multiple recordings of the spectacular event online.

2 thoughts on “Cop dashcam captures spectacular giant fireball flaring over Maine

  1. I was in Portland Maine last night. Didn’t see a thing I was running north to Ellsworth Maine 200 miles north.

  2. What was that pig doing down by the lake, swapping bodily fluids with a coworker? “No, we were just practicing body cavity searches on each other!”

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