Cop Goes Crazy at Innocent Guys Filming a WalMart in Houston

Published on May 28, 2013 by Digby Jones

Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right — and that includes federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, there is a widespread and continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs from public places. They often quickly resort to harassing, detaining, arresting, and even fabricating false charges against those who fail to comply. This video taken in 2012 is a shining example.


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19 thoughts on “Cop Goes Crazy at Innocent Guys Filming a WalMart in Houston

  1. It will be these same fat, pig-headed, drunk on authority driven idiots that will begging, pleading for mercy and crying for mommy when the SHTF. The mental state of these “officers” is disturbing to say the least. Let this clown go to some other form of employment because he obviously cannot handle a simple situation, nor does he understand the Constitution whatsoever.

  2. Cops wonder why they are thought of as being the low lifes that they are. Cops want respect then they got to act like they deserve respect.

  3. A friend of mine used to holiday every year in the US, sometimes twice in a year until he was introduced to one of these low-brow thugs on a motorway pullover and now he and his family holiday in Australia and he recants his experience to anyone considering a trip over in the states, police officers like this harm the community as well as the US’s image at large with twenty years ago the US being seen as the place to go and now the country is being seen as the place to avoid.

    Over here in the UK it is becoming the same, shaven heads, pumped muscles, body armour and zero tolerance to people and their problems and the community reciprocates in kind, we are apparently policed by consent but that consent doesn’t involve beatings, cover ups, political machinations and exemptions from the law, police forces should serve the law and serve the people, thief takers rather than thief creators whilst being a part of the community as trusted and as essential as a doctor or a priest and trusted as such that these people will protect the innocent not persecute them.

  4. And they wonder why people cheer when one of these jack booted mother f#@kers gets taken out.

  5. This looks like DONUT RAGE !!
    It has become a common practice after a Law Enforcement Officer consumes too many high fat, sugar laced donuts.
    Once the DONUT’S have been eaten the Officer will show signs of agitation, the sugar and fat slows the brain function causing a sever lack of judgement, which then proceeds to become a full onset of RAGE.
    Symptoms of rage can be very violent, the law enforcement officer will become bigger then his mind is able to proccess, thus meaning that the officers brain shuts off and His ASS kicks in. Once in this mode, there is a lot of information about this phenomenon, that the subject in front of the officer is about to get his ass beaten or shot.
    When the law enforcement officer comes out of his sugared coma agressive state, they then realize ” WTF happened ”
    When the officer gets to this stage they go into protect and hide mode. It is a natural instinct of the officers to cover up what has just taken place, the brain function is slowly turning back to normal.
    The last stage is the officer feels he has done a great job. This is a very common feeling after such a massive brain shut down and impressive ass turning on sequence…

  6. Once again all of you are wasting energy on a brain dead Rent-a-Cop! The real source of the problem originates with the owners of Wall-Mart & they are not the Walton family! Web up George Soros Exposed, scroll through the corporations the Elitist Hoard he belongs to own—-THEN—-BOYCOTT THEM ALL!!!!!! Prepare, it will really open your eyes……FREEDOM & LIBERTY RULE

  7. Oh, poor boy. He was hurt once before that day.
    All together now… Awwwwwww…boo hoo hoo.
    The fact is, the Officer O’Lardass was not hurt enough. He needs to take his taser and taze himself as target practice do us a service by removing public places of another asinine nuisance.

  8. How does this fascist turd get away with this?? Right wing scum has just DESTROYED (not to mention LOOTED) this country. It should be self-evident that this loathsome pig has no business being in ANY sort of public role. Look at him whipping out his penis substitute at first blush. What an embarrassing joke.

  9. I remember seeing this posted last year. This fat bastard is needs to go bag some donuts and kick back on his recliner while watching, “American Idol”.

  10. And they give these idiots a arsenal of firearms & explosives….don’t have to be Einstein to figure out who the real terrorists are. Hell’s Bells; they gave Deputy Barney Fife only one round!

  11. If you put that fat f#@ks brain on the sharp edge of a razor blade it would look like a BB rolling down a four lane highway.

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