Couple allow homeless man to sleep in their house, he repays them by setting fire to it over argument about sausages


Investigators say a man set a Penn Hills (Pittsburgh) house on fire after an argument with the home’s residents.

Mark Anthony Venson, 21, turned himself in to police Saturday to face charges for arson. Investigators say he intentionally set fire to the house on Lime Hollow Road on Thursday after the home’s residents told him to leave.   

According to a criminal complaint, Venson does not live in the house, but the couple that lives there had allowed him to sleep in the home from time to time because he had been homeless. Last week, Venson allegedly started behaving strangely, including walking into the couple’s bedroom multiple times on Wednesday before finally being told to leave.

On Thursday night, the couple told police they were upstairs in their bedroom when the smelled something cooking. They say Venson and a friend had let themselves into the house unannounced and cooked all of their sausage.

Investigators say the residents became angry and told Venson to leave, but he refused. After 10 minutes of arguing, the residents called police. Venson then agreed to go, but first went into the basement.

Police say Venson came back upstairs when officers arrived. They took his information and allowed him to go, but soon noticed smoke was pouring out of the duplex. The female resident was overcome by the smoke, and had to be dragged out by police.

Arson investigators determined the fire was set intentionally in the basement, and that Venson was likely responsible. Police worked with Venson’s family, and he surrendered at the Penn Hills Police Department on Saturday. His bail was set at $1,000 and he faces a preliminary hearing on Jan. 27.


7 thoughts on “Couple allow homeless man to sleep in their house, he repays them by setting fire to it over argument about sausages

  1. Geeze, you try to help someone and this is what happens. Should have handed him a can of beans and sent him on his way. Then again, he would have come back and taken more, most likely with force.

    When a person has nothing left to lose and loses it all, they lose it.

    Here we go everyone, the future at our doorstep.

      1. Me too Susan, but it is what it’s going to be. We will recognize each other when the time comes and we will stick together and help each other. Like minds will prevail. We recognize that there is no need to be savages. That will set us apart. If we stick together, we will be fine.

        Get to know your neighbors, and the people around you. Make sure you have provisions.

        We will be fine. I’m at a point where my husband is gone and I have me and my lot to take care of. No mistakes, or else we wont survive. *hugs* We will be fine and we will come out on top.

  2. Real sad isn`t it. a victim of social abuse I think and he went goofy. there is a lot of people like this today because of the degradation of society. This guy had problems that were not delt with. He was probobly a nice guy until his life went down the crapper.

    1. Most likely digger, but you know what? Initially, this is going to be what happens when TSHTF, then we are going to realize that we are not fighting each other, and we have to stick together. We are at the beginning stages right now. Lets see how this progresses.

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