Court denies bail to Ammon Bundy & 3 others as Oregon occupation continues


A federal court judge in Portland has denied bail to Ammon Bundy and three of his cohorts as the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge building in Burns, Oregon continues. The FBI says four people remain there as the protest hits its fourth week.

The leader of the group of armed men that occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Ammon Bundy, as well as his brother Ryan, Brian Cavalier, and Ryan Payne, were all denied release on Friday. US Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman said that they posed a danger to public safety and were considered a flight risk, as she was concerned they would not follow orders to return to Oregon for criminal proceedings.  

She also stipulated that they would be released only if the standoff ended, according to the Associated Press

“So long as that situation is ongoing, I’m not going to release anybody from custody,” Beckerman told the court on Thursday,reported the Oregonian.

Bundy and other members of his band of occupiers were arrested on Tuesday in a confrontation with law enforcement that left one of the group dead.

The ranchers had occupied the refuge since January 2, demanding that the federal government turn public lands over to local control and complaining about what they said were onerous federal rules governing grazing and mining rights across the West. They also expressed anger over the sentences of two Oregon ranchers convicted of arson under a terrorism law for setting fires on their own land that touched over to federal property.

Four holdouts, three men and one woman, remain at the refuge near Burns. They posted a YouTube video on Friday demanding pardons for everyone involved in the occupation.

At the 1:20 mark in the video, a speaker believed to be David Fry said he had asked the FBI whether it was possible to “get out of here without charges,” complaining “they keep saying they ‘can’t drop the charges,’ they ‘didn’t make the charges,’ they ‘can’t speak to the people who made the charges,’ so ‘that’s not possible.”’

The video shows Fry standing by a campfire in the rain, surrounded by water bottles and other supplies.

“So they just want to separate us and get us all home so they can pick us off one by one at our houses without being stuck together in groups with the guns. That’s what they don’t want. They want us to be separated,” he added.

FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele told AP that “nothing at all” had happened overnight at the refuge, and that she wouldn’t discuss any strategic decisions planned for Friday.

In a Friday court filing, prosecutors said Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan, and other occupiers “have long been associated with armed conflicts with the federal government and have repeatedly rejected the authority of the federal government, making them unsuitable for court-ordered supervision,” according to The Oregonian.

As an example, they cited the participation of Ammon Bundy and others in an armed standoff with the government over grazing rights, which was led by the Bundys’ father, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

The charges against the defendants state that the refuge’s 16 employees have been prevented from reporting to work because of threats of violence

Ammon Bundy’s lawyer told the court that her client was “not an anarchist; he believes in government,” that he was not aligned with those remaining at the refuge, and wants to go back to his family in Idaho.

“He is done in Harney County; his message has been sent,” she said, according to the AP.

8 thoughts on “Court denies bail to Ammon Bundy & 3 others as Oregon occupation continues

  1. “not an anarchist; he believes in government,” that he was not aligned with those remaining at the refuge, and wants to go back to his family in Idaho.

    But that would make him an Emmanuel Goldstein, not?

    1. He stated “Americans need to wake up” ……. It is becoming so obvious that many Americans have no desire to wake up. As more and more people become ‘renters’ they lose their connection to the land. Without the natural right of property ownership there is no freedom. Separating man from nature has been the most damaging agenda put upon us. On LaVoy’s website there is a 3 part interview with him. Once listened to it becomes very clear why the feds could not allow him to continue.

  2. Our federal government has a history of trying to destroy opposition. Those at the refuge will get a corrupt trial and long prison sentences and things will go back to the way the government wants, until the next uprising and they have to murder a few to get the message across, don’t mess with the government. Our lands are being sold to the highest foreign bidder for mining and the proceeds are not staying in this country and helping Americans. Look at what our own congress did to the Apaches last year in favor of Rothschild owned Rio Tinto. The bible says the rich get richer and poor poorer. As a westerner and descendant of ranchers, it breaks my heart to see what our government is doing. And the blindness of the people in favor of this government is astounding.

  3. It will be 18 to 24 months before any trial.
    There is nearly a 99% conviction chance in the government courts. I wonder how much the Penal Bonds are worth and who is investing in them? The private prison stock holders will get a nice chunk of extra money. Is the judge that is denying bail or his Court Corporation invested in the private prison system that is now housing the occupiers??

  4. Canned FBI/U.S Attorney’s statements to judge:Canned response#1, Threat to the public. Canned response #2, a flight risk. So predictable that they don’t even need a human presence in the court room ; just send a tape by courier, via Drama Queen Express LLC.

  5. When the Wildlife center on public land was “occupied” by American Nationals It was overstated and implied(in the public) that they where stealing the land.

    When they where denied access to the public land, which was prepaid by the public liability, they needed to 1099OID the “arresting” officer for Voluntary Federal Withholding. Then send off a 1040 to the IRS to assess the tax liability on the Federal withholding.
    When they appear in court they need to issue a 1040 for the bond making it a zero on the books. Every time the DA or judge makes a new offer, they need to accept for value and file a new 1040 with another whole value. After about 6 or seven $30,000(judges-oath value used) hits to the “public” gambling proceeds and identity theft-ed original issue bonds the DA is part of(fraud) he will stop making new charges and end the dishonor.

    Claim EVERYTHING(only once) IN YOUR POSSESSION as taxable income. THEN when the IRS sends you the bill ‘once a year’ for the taxes ‘due’, you send a money order and a 1040V back to the human at IRS who sent you the bill without a payment method, with written instructions for them to send it to “Pay to the US Treasury”. The amount should include the cost of the prepaid stamp(s) and their private use penalties(both).

    The Treasury PAYS the tax because only lawful money can be used to PAY and the thing you are billed for was PRE-PAID by the original issue that created the “alleged credit” or “FRNs” that got the minerals to make the widget. You are claiming responsibility for the debt in this bankruptcy. Only the Treasury has lawful money because it was all turned over to them by their laws.

    The ORIGINAL ISSUE must [tax] RE-turn to the source. The source is ambiguous so it only take your claim 1040, if casino notes based on speculation like FRNs are used, a 1099misc is filed. If someone withholds from you that which is pre-paid, they get a 1099OID as a taxable receipt and notice that they are assuming the tax from now till they pay it(the currency has interest or performance which equals time and value). All the 1040 forms get corrected into 1 1040 that is sent to a human at the IRS and they send you a True Offer (maybe a few) you send the envelope it came in and all the contents back after making copies and issuing a money order for the amount with instructions for the IRS(clearing house) to “PAY to the US Treasury” and their contact info.

    Anyways, it is an admiralty court so get out your fancy yachet hats and keep the pirate ones at home.
    Words are the swords but who ever puts their wooden leg[rolled up paper] in their mouth first looses.
    The amount in the black box is the prize. Anyone can claim the prize if they know how AND are first in line OR have PRIOR-ty claim, meaning FIRST.
    A corps cant posses a real object, so it takes a “real-man” to walk into the haunted house and walk out with the prize.
    What they [attorneys/judges] actually want (if they are not ‘private’ly gambling with the plunder) is to win the paper. They want the proof of execution.

    Give it to them.

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