Covid 19 Vaccine Kill Shot Delivery System

Szebeni says the mechanism behind PEG-conjugated anaphylaxis is relatively unknown because it does not involve immunoglobulin E (IgE), the antibody type that causes classical allergic reactions. (That’s why he prefers to call them “anaphylactoid” reactions.) Instead, PEG triggers two other classes of antibodies, immunoglobulin M (IgM) and immunoglobulin G (IgG), involved in a branch of the body’s innate immunity called the complement system, which Szebeni has spent decades studying in a pig model he developed. 

In 1999, while working at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Szebeni described a new type of drug-induced reaction he dubbed complement activation-related pseudoallergy (CARPA), the nonspecific immune response to nanoparticle-based medicines, often PEGylated, that is mistakenly recognized by the immune system as viruses.

I have read that the new SARS 2 CoV 19 vaccines do not improve immunity but render human immune systems less able to produce cytokines and other inflammatory responses. The disease will still be infective. Now in the UK the gubment is stating that there is a new more infective strain but not more lethal strain evolved. When the vaccines are administered the symptoms may appear less but infectivity is increased. How very convenient that these two premises appear at the same time, one covering for another, plausible deniability. Then there is an active ingredient in the new vaccines called syncytin which can alter the cytochrome CYP19A1 estrogen production enzyme resulting in what? Birth control? My money is on induction. If the CYP19A1 is induced because of the vaccine then overproduction of estrogen would ensue, lowering fertility. COVID 19 which is HIV spliced to an H1N1 virus is a binary weapon of complement. Also, Syncytin-1 also known as enverin is a protein found in humans and other primates that is encoded by the ERVW-1 gene (endogenous retrovirus group W envelope member 1). Syncytin-1 is a cell-cell fusion protein whose function is best characterized in placental development. The placenta in turn aids in embryo attachment to the uterus and establishment of a nutrient supply. If the body sets up an immune response to syncytin then placental development is not possible. The HIV is able to infiltrate cells and the H1N1 virus is able to replicate inside cells once shuttled in via HIV. Building a ship in a bottle. The new vaccines allow the disease to proliferate in the population by lessening symptoms. There may be other triggers to activate whatever latent biochemicals, viruses and chemicals that are injected or experienced from without by exposure to 5G etc. Just one of the toxic ingredients of the new vaccines is PEG [Polyethylene Glycol – found in screenwash and anti-freeze] which will reduce IgE immunoglobulin allergic responses but increase IgM and IgG shifting from anaphylaxis to anaphylactoid reactions. This is the classic Mad Edward Jenner practice of turning off the immune system. Once the disease digs deeply into the body, a trigger to turn back on the immune system wiill cause an overload of cytokines and a quick death is almost inevitable. What is going to be the trigger? A booster shot, 5G or other?

This is from a researcher I follow.   The WHO memos can be read at:   Free PDFs

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  1. Is there a doctor in the house? I simply lack the education required to know if this is true or not….. (but thanks for the links, Mary….those are good)

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