Tiffany Dover fainting vid axed

You see how YouTube censors truth. Nurse Tiffany Dover fainted & collapsed moments after receiving the poison covid vax at a live international press conference at her hospital , it gets millions of views & YouTube deletes the vid for “violation of their community standards.”

8 thoughts on “Tiffany Dover fainting vid axed

    1. Video on the alt-vid sites, yes, it’s pretty mush a sure thing she’s dead. Zero family statements, everything/one went dark. Someone speculated ‘they’ got hold of an old phone and made a quick jootooob channel 2 days after, but she’s like 19 in all the vids.

      THEN a guy went hunting and found her EXACT name, city, state, relatives, next of kin, age….


  1. I think Jew-Tube is no longer concerned with making money, but is more interested in censorship, and getting us used to the practice.

    They’re trying to teach Americans that they CAN’T say whatever they want to, and it’s not working… just gave them some much-needed competition.

    I used to go to Jew-Tube to hunt down old songs I haven’t heard in a long time, or to hear the original versions of remakes. I don’t need ’em. I won’t look at a Jew-Tube video anymore. When it pops up in the address bar from a news link, I just close the tab. If it’s on Jew-Tube, I don’t need to see it.

    Never forget our boycott power.


    Here’s the USA Today story; which claims it is false that the Nurse is dead. They make this determination based on all third party statements and then state it is a false story about her being dead.

    If she is fine and up working then a statement by her would be appropriate, especially if the hospital HR and PR depts are receiving so many inquiries about her.

    The statement that she thanks everyone for their concern and wants privacy for her and her family is ridiculous.

    She is so willing to be a media slut to show how safe and wonderful this vaccination is and yet now when she with her fainting drama on live camera Has created even more Media sensation albeit in the negative for the vaccine lovers; she has somehow become camera shy.

    If she is alive then for whatever the reason they are keeping her from verifying that fact.

    And if dead then that makes sense with the rhetoric..!

    The article is disingenuous at best..!

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