CPS Workers Now Being Installed In Public Schools

Activist Post – by Heather Callaghan

NBC 2 News is reporting a new “partnership” between the Erie County Department of Social Services and New York public schools that would place a Child Protective Services (CPS) employee in the Erie County local suburban schools several days per week.

The media unsurprisingly reports this as a way to give school staff faster access to child welfare “expertise” and also “streamlining and expediting” the CPS investigation process. That is, the news is being spun to get parents – who are now seemingly potential criminals up for investigation – to accept this new, intrusive development while your child remains a ward of the State for eight hours a day, five days a week.  

This partnership is unnecessary and detrimental to children and parents. Teachers already can and do report suspicions of child abuse which are dealt with swiftly by CPS with the aid of law enforcement. By installing CPS workers in school offices, it is inviting a steady stream of on-the-spot inspections without a parent’s knowledge. This is a removal of due process when an accusation of abuse is arbitrarily leveled at a parent.

Buffalo Public Schools may already have a similar partnership, and 22 school districts in Erie County have signed on with Social Services.

People who object to this move are aware of the corrupt, past actions of CPS often taking children from good homes and placing them with people who should not be anywhere near children. Both CPS workers are foster parents are paid by the State for this action while parents who are found later to have done nothing detrimental are helpless and barely represented. Worse yet, children become lost in the cracks, and often wind up abused and unnecessarily drugged.

People often ask – what do we do, there are children being abused by parents. This is true, and those parents need to be held accountable by their peers, but the government is currently doing more tragic harm to such children who will later be exploited in the criminal justice system, possibly filling cells and coffers for the private-corporate prison industry. Given that the prison and CPS/foster sectors are subsidized by you, the parents, you have every right to demand an overhaul. At the very least, demands to leave CPS out of schools until their act is cleaned up. A demand to stop incentivising the removal of children from stable homes. Demands for third party, unbiased investigations that inspect CPS practices, truly represent the child and opt for less traumatic solutions such as allowing a child in question to remain with siblings and stay with a beloved and reputable family member. These are just a few ways to address legitimate problems without running over innocent people and revoking their rights for profit.

But, as the news report said: this is just “streamlining.” They just don’t tell you what process is being streamlined, but rather call the often unnecessary removal of kids from their homes “child welfare.” Even though I  know good-hearted social workers and foster parents who live to serve children and families – the checkered past actions of the system at large should warrant change – not the ability to have more power. It should be a privilege to help children, but the unaddressed, systemic abuse of them should signal that these new changes have nothing to do with “the children.” No matter what – parents have rights and the utmost responsibility to their children – are we just going to wave goodbye to them all?

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9 thoughts on “CPS Workers Now Being Installed In Public Schools

  1. keep your kid in the Public Fool system and you will have your rights violated any chance they get,, even if they have to make it up

    the only thing that blows their cover is a well informed child about what CPS is all about … or better yet, love your kids and never let them become indoctrinated by this evil system in the first place

    1. The cesspool of Public Indoctrination (Public Schools) are a breeding ground for mindless, well trained, no-nothings who think they’re free. “You are free to chose Democrat or Republican, black or white, chocolate or vanilla, just don’t think you can choose how to think!”

  2. Hope one of those kids doesn’t say he thinks Caitlyn Jenner looks like a man in a dress. I don’t understand how the hell this stuff is allowed to happen in the US.

  3. They want your kids for their organs, for orgasms, and Satanic ritual sacrifices. What are you gonna do about it, Punk?

    I’m gonna write my Congressman again. And this time if doesn’t do something, I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue. I swear!

  4. The most important thing I learned in school, at this point a bunch of decades ago, was how to think for myself. That started when the ex-military principal slammed me against some lockers and yelled in my face. It didn’t get him what he wanted, so he learned something too… I hope he’s waiting for me in Hell, ’cause next time I see him it’s his turn.

  5. Omg…lol This is sickeningly hilarious. My home county now has CPS workers in their schools. What do you expect from Nazi Jew York? They are an occupied state hook line and sinker. So sad and so glad to be outta that state.

  6. Am I the only one old enough to remember when we were taught the horrors and dangers of communism? Remember when communism was our enemy? I never thought I would see the day when we would have a communist president and most of the democrats and some of the republicans are communists, but it is here and now. This is just one more little example. Damn the zionist joos!

    1. “Am I the only one old enough to remember when we were taught the horrors and dangers of communism?”

      Hardly….There are many Trenchers who were actually educated NOT indoctrinated.

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