5 thoughts on “Crash lands car on the roof of a house in Texas

  1. I can understand driving through a wall, but if he made it to the roof, I’d say he was exceeding the speed limit.

    1. the road was the bomb the roof line of the house.the driver went over the cliff and landed on the roof of the house. The owner was not at home at the time, that is why she needed to be called to let her know that a car has landed on the roof of her home.

  2. So the homeowner had to have a neighbor call her in order to tell her that there was a car on her roof that crashed into her house?? Is the homeowner deaf that she can’t hear a car landing in her bedroom or was she not in her house at the time? Am I missing something? And the driver is miraculously ok after that? I don’t know what to say. I’m bewildered.

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