12 thoughts on “Crimes Against Humanity, fraudulent PCR Tests Taken To Court – Interview with Lawyer Reiner Füllmich

  1. You are greatly appreciated here in Canada! We need you and will support you in any way we can. Here is a link to an article on Elon Musk, who had 4 PCR tests in one day, yesterday, November 12th, for very mild, cold symptoms. Two tests came back positive, two, negative. His comment? “Something very bogus is going on here.” He got that right! My point of view is that if someone with such a high profile were to be informed of the truth about PCR tests, he would very likely talk about it, tweet about it and so on. Here’s the link to the article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/something-extremely-bogus-is-going-on-elon-musk-questions-accuracy-of-covid-tests

    1. I guess since Canada is a socialist country a suit in the international admiralty would seem a godsend. We don’t need the international star chamber court, we have our Bill of Rights and we will enforce our own laws until we once again have full autonomy and absolute jurisdictional authority over every inch of the united states of America which belongs to us. Every fraud is going to be prosecuted and every traitor shot or hung and it will be done righteously under our absolute ratified law and in our common law courts.

      1. Henry, a couple of points. We are not a socialist country. We are democracy with social programs, the same as your country. It’s a big and important difference. We have state-funded medical programs, as do you. We have welfare, and programs for veterans and for addictions and for children’s issues, as do you. We vote for our elected officials, as do you. We have voter corruption on a massive scale… oops. not that one (as far as I know). You’ll get yours sorted out and Godspeed with it! Secondly, my appreciation of Dr. Fuellmich’s work is not because we are incapable of defending ourselves against this current monster, but because his work immeasurably helps all those in various countries with not only the inspiration but with the pertinent facts and arguments that they themselves can apply to their own country’s situation. Dr. Fuellmich’s international alliance of legal minds is specifically for this purpose. Our own constitution offers the same protection to our citizens as yours does to your country. I’m very grateful that Rocco Galati, who has taken legal action both in provincial and in federal court on this issue, is in consultation with Dr. Fuellmich. We are certainly not too weak to defend ourselves. But we are wise enough to appreciate the benefits of pooled genius.

        1. Pamela, we are being oppressed under an unlawful corporate communist system, just like your people.
          We are not a f-king democracy, we are a republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual.
          I don’t vote in the occupational elections. I am unregistered to vote and have consented to none of this shit.
          You might have privileges granted by your socialist/communist government, but we have the ratified law of the Bill of Rights which does not come from our government, which declares our superior authority over our legitimate government which was defined in our original constitution, which has been usurped by international communists. We have the right and in fact the duty as our common law courts have been unlawfully removed, to shoot these f-king communists out of our country and reclaim our individual sovereignty, which puts us on a par as individuals with the crowned heads of Europe.
          The 2nd Article to the people’s Bill of Rights, apart from any notion of any government, gives us the absolute right to enforce our law with deadly force.
          We don’t come with hat in hand. We come with rifles, locked and loaded. And we are not looking for any international body to come like a shining knight on a white charger. The international court has no f-king power, evidenced by the fact of George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., and Donald Rumsfeld who committed genocide on the Iraqi people using a proven lie as their stated reason for attacking that sovereign country. They are f-king war criminals who live in luxury guarded by an unlawful United Nations controlled military that we are paying for.
          We have already seen hundreds of documents proving Covid-19 does not exist as anything more than a political lie, designed to enslave the world.
          Your international alliance is not going to have any more affect than the international courts have had on the genocide being committed in Palestine and their phony f-king warrants they have issued for the war criminals in this country.
          You are like the dead headed mush minded cowardly fools running around here with their face masks on, but they have forfeited their every right and we are throwing their f-king asses out too. We are faced with a bloody war as this is the only thing a f-king communist understands and we will absolutely kill every f-king one of them and our absolute ratified law will be enforced. Their unlawful corporations will be removed, their unlawful 14th Amendment will be removed, and every cowardly son of a bitch that went along with them will meet justice.
          We don’t have a queen who can come over here and sanction that which we forbid, like has happened in the recent past in your country. Your people had better form up into militia with whatever guns you have left and are allowed to have.
          And oh, by the way, when this shit breaks lose, your masters will be ordering your soldiers across our border to try to save the asses of the traitors here and they will be shredded.
          Don’t you dare try to tell me about my home. Clean up your own backyard and quit looking for somebody else to do it, because I’m here to tell you, there is no law left except the law of the gun anywhere on this planet.
          And if your piss ant peon corporate doctors and lawyers dare to threaten to expose the international elite, they will commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head from ten feet away or there will be a plane crash. We are dealing with the people who blew John F. Kennedy’s head off in broad daylight and got away with it. This is international mafia, but our people most certainly have the guns and the law to take their asses out.
          Don’t ever try to compare Canada with the United States. I have Canadian friends and I know there are brave Canadian men who will fight, but we are the largest army to ever exist on this planet and we will not only fight, we will decimate and destroy international communism and it will be done by us and that is the only way it will be done, so snap out of the illusion and realize what planet you are on.

          1. A precise description of 255 years of North American/American law and history, past, present and future.

      2. You actually DO need him!! We are being slammed everyday with mind control over a vaccine that is OPTIONAL, but “they” want you to think it isn’t. They aren’t even talking about the people who should not ever get a vaccine… and anytime you call your doctor, your grocery store or pharmacy you hear how the flu vaccine is available…. and that’s called: MIND CONTROL… because people all over have health issues that will render them sick from the flu vaccine and most importantly this “new” and very much rushed vaccine. Nurses jobs are already being threatened if they don’t take this. Same in the dental field!! Children won’t be allowed in schools and MANY more examples of this. Your CHOICES are being taken from you right here in the good ole U.S.A. So yes Virginia, you really do need this man and his comrades to fight with landmark lawsuits to keep your rights and my rights to choose front and present. Be well, and please, be smarter by seeing the bigger picture. Support this man and share his work. Fight the mind control by talking about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Please do not stop doing it for all of our sakes.

        1. Actually Virginia I do not need one of these bastards or any foreign court.
          The armed population of this country represents the largest armed force to ever exist on this planet. Just because they can show you a few million idiots and foreigners who can’t think enough for themselves to take a shit for themselves, doesn’t represent all of us.
          The world court is a f-king joke owned by the zionist jews.
          What we need to do is isolate ourselves from these sons of bitches. This is just a tactic for stalling for time and those stupid people are going to be removed from this good old USA.
          You can take the meekest creature on Earth and poke it with a stick and it will bare its teeth and fight back. When the mean mother f-kers in this country break loose, you better go somewhere and hide because anybody supporting world government at any level will be marked as the enemy and dealt with as such.
          Ask the Iraqis, the Palestinians, the Yemenis, the Libyans, and the Syrians how well that world court worked out for them. I think they would prefer a good rifle and plenty of ammunition, I know I would.

  2. Another realization has to be made about Canada. Canada is part of what is called the “commonwealth” of countries. Canada’s Covid19 fate, is sealed. Eventually, all your people will come under the same government influence and oppression regarding Covid19. This can be seen in Australia and all other commonwealth countries, who’s people have surrendered all, to their government’s despotism. Many American’s will follow suit to a disgusting and unfortunate extent, but when push, finally does comes to shove for others, the outcome will be remarkably different.

    BUT… there is some hope…

    1. Good links there , Bob. Stay inside the home for 23 hours and get one hour outside for exercise. So does everyone go outside at the same hour because that’s when the virus takes a break? Insanity, no other way to describe it.

      1. Mary, it’s getting so stupid lately. When I take my grandson to a local restaurant occasionally, we just walk in mask-less and ask get seated at a table. It is suggested that one wears a mask coming in and as your escorted to a table, (forget about it). Last time we were there, a group of three in a booth about 25 feet away, were wearing their masks waiting for their food to be delivered to the table. When people can’t even use the most rudimentary common sense, it hurts us all.
        Here’s another interesting link. (The links provided below the main video help clarify the position.) Thanks for the reply.

        1. yes, thanks I have seen that
          I am learning that even doctors are often not aware of the CT (cycle threshold) used by the lab that runs the test. They are only notified whether a test is positive or negative. Also, it seems labs are determining at which CT to run the test! Can we say ‘cha ching’? I was told by a nurse at the county health department that I could find the CT on the website of the ND state department of health. I looked but could not find it so I will be calling the lab today to get that information.

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