Crowds relive Washington’s 1776 river crossing

WASHINGTON CROSSING, N.J. (AP) — George Washington has made his annual Christmas Day ride across the Delaware River.

Washington’s daring Christmas 1776 crossing of the river turned the tide of the Revolutionary War. The 61st reenactment of it was staged Wednesday. Hundreds of people gather each year to hear Washington’s stand-in deliver stirring words to the troops and watch three boats make the crossing from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  

John Godzieba

During the original crossing, boats ferried 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 18 cannons across the river. The troops marched 8 miles downriver before battling Hessian mercenaries in the streets of Trenton.

Thirty Hessians were killed. Two Continental soldiers froze to death on the march, but none died in battle.

John Godzieba

John Godzieba

John Godzieba

8 thoughts on “Crowds relive Washington’s 1776 river crossing

  1. “…..make the crossing from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.”

    I have a question for any local historians….. Didn’t they go from New Jersey to Pennsylvania?

    I was told this began near my house in Brooklyn; There was a fruit stand on the corner of what is now 39th street and Fifth ave, where some Redcoats stole watermelons, and got their asses kicked for it by Patriots.
    After that incident the Redcoats returned in huge numbers, with the Hessians, and thus began the battle of Brooklyn, a.k.a. The battle of Long Island (same land mass), where Washington held the ridge that stretches from what is now Sunset Park, to what is now Prospect Park, until fleeing into Manhattan, and then to Jersey, and from Jersey he crossed the Delaware river into Pennsylvania. And this, I was told, is why the Statue of Liberty looks at that spot.

    Is that what happened, or is that local legend?

    1. Hi Jolly Rodger,

      I f I remember right,.. you are correct, except it was earlier in the month.

      If I remember my history right,…

      Washington was pinned in NJ as he fled the British on or about Decemeber 7, 1776, and commandeered boats to flee to Pennsylvania (the crossing you mention)

      It was later in December of 1776, when the enlistment of some 50% (approx) of the soldiers was due to expire at the end of December, that Washington realized he was in an “all or nothing” situation, and concieved of the gamble,… the attack on Trenton plan.

      On December 25th, 1776 (Christmas Day),.. he started the movement of troops by crossing the Delaware all evening from Pennsylvania to NJ (about 10 miles north of Trenton),.. and then marched south to attack the Hessian garrison at Trenton on December 26th, 1776,.. at about 8am.

      This is the famous “Crossing Of The Delaware”.

      What most people don’t understand is,.. this was a last, desperate strike plan,.. and what I feel is a great example of Washington’s real military prowess when he stopped thinking as expected,.. and started using his own intuition, strategies/tactics to win battles.

      JD – US Marines – Merry Christmas and Happy New Years all,.. we patriots are about to face our own version of 1776. steel your nerves and your mind,.. and ask for divine help from the almighty father.

      1. Yep, and all they had was horses and foot power. Yes JD, we all are on the verge of another 1776….. Hope ya`ll had the best of Christmases and I hope for the best and safest of all New Years for all us good honest loyal people. 😉

  2. Hell, I’m surprised this hasn’t been banned since George was a terrorist according to DHS…all it takes is a good ol’ Rachel Maddow show complete with the commie talking heads, a couple of local protesters with signs and we’ll get the ADL and the NAACP involved since George didn’t like jews or blacks…and VIOLA!…we’ll all sit around and tell stories about how Karl Marx and Fidel Castro forded the river, stopped to have man sex and then conceived a little Rothschild demon…

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