Cruiser crashes, catches fire after being shot at in Millis, Massachusetts

Boston Globe – by Andy Rosen

A gunman shot at a Millis police cruiser on Wednesday afternoon, causing the vehicle to crash and catch fire, according to State Police.

State Police sent patrols and helicopters to the scene, officials said, adding that they were not aware of any injuries from the incident.  

David Procopio, a State Police spokesman, said police are seeking a dark-colored — possibly maroon — pickup truck in connection with the incident. The truck fled east toward Medfield.

There was one white male in the truck, Procopio said. The shooting took place around 3 p.m. on Forest Road.

John J. Moore, chief of police in neighboring Holliston, said his department got a report of a “random shot at a police cruiser,” and that officers are assisting at the town line.

Officials in Millis declined to comment.

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12 thoughts on “Cruiser crashes, catches fire after being shot at in Millis, Massachusetts

  1. They sound “shocked” and “awed”.

    Imagine if 3 or 4 different people did different ops within the same week or day?

    I dont know if I can put my faith into a group[leo] when they get all wiggly about one ‘lone wolf’ causing a cruiser to crash and burn. I didnt see a bullet count so perhaps he had a full auto barrett .50 cal in each hand and was reciting Shakespeare all the while. That would be worth wiggling about I suppose.

    the quote from the chief is mind numbing. ‘ “random” shot AT police cruiser.’ [emphasis mine]
    I hope nobody “randomly” shoots at your face, chief.

    1. That’s how you know “black lives matter” movement is a fed cointelpro job. They’re trying to kick a race war off but many blacks know who really pull the strings in amerika. It ain’t the white man. It’s the caucasian man, as in khazarian caucasus region. I am an American National with western European ancestors. NOT caucasian btw. How western European people accepted such a term applied to us from an area so far away from our actual ancestral lands has few explanations other than subversive brainwashing. The predominant DNA of that region is comprised of today’s ashke-nazi “joos”.

  2. A maroon truck? Almost sounds like the Sandy Hoax with the maroon van. What’s with the color maroon?

    “State Police sent patrols and helicopters to the scene, officials said, adding that they were not aware of any injuries from the incident.”

    Seriously? Helicopters? For this? Talk about a wasteful use of resources.

    That’s it. When a cop shoots at me, I’m calling my buddies to get a helicopter to track the cops down. How about that? Wouldn’t that be nice?

  3. I am working in Mass. @ moment,guess what town am staying in?!I got here about 6 pm and saw helicopters in the region,according to local reports cop went to hospital as precaution.I do not know the story behind this but this area at least on eye level seems very laid back,far from big city by over 30 miles by road,will keep eyes/ears open and report.A local story said for folks in local area to stay inside and closed towns public library for the day.I will say martial law ever declared seems will be a mess of epic proportions for cops/homeland insecurity,say a 100 people resist in a hard way,all resopurces spread out pretty quick,anyhow,will keep me ears open as here till weekend.

    1. Thank you, James. I smell another “Eric Frein”, or whoever he really is now, and Boston hoax bombing episode ending in lockdown psyops episode again. Reruns.

      1. Martist,grew up in area and this is not some weekly/monthly/yearly occurrence.As for the Marathon bombing had a friend at start in Hopkington,saw a lot more then usual police presence and talked with a cop who said they (cops)told use marathon as training event,i.e. bomb sniffing ect.The best I figure there is the fibs knew about these guys from the Russians(fibs admitted it),was either planned with their knowledge/allowed like Pearl Harbor attack to happen ,something of that nature to keep the “war on terror”going.I love Boston despite it’s politics but the Boston Strong shirts made me very sad,the US was born in this region,WTF has happened?!I will keep a local ear to this and try and get as close to the truth as reasonably possible.

  4. Just throwing this out there

    Could this be pay back for the biker murders in Waco ? You know those boys don’t play
    And revenge Is their game

    And its perfectly cloked in this black lives matter schrade , so cops arnt looking at this possibility
    And there are black bikers too probably looking to settle a score
    Let’s face it , who hasent the cops pissed off or on lately ?
    Just my thoughts , but I don’t think you get to kill that many bikers in a bullshit ambush and not have that brotherhood come down around your ears

  5. I am residing in this town while doing as job,was a fraud,guy shot up own car and is being charged,supposedly no one else involved,what a rat f$%K!This world seems to get crazier by the day,really when saw a lot of copters coming here yesterday thought it was the beginning!

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