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CT residents spot a rare all-white deer in the woods

WWLP 22 News – by Lou Young

DANBURY, CONN. (CNN) – We’ve all seen deer, but the doe Shirley Lowell spotted in the woods near her yard in Danbury last weekend was something else: all white, head-to-hoof deer

“To see one lone white deer was pretty amazing,” Lowell said. She shot video of it so people would believe her.

“I’ve never seen a deer that color. I’ve seen the brown, not the white,” neighbor Dominic Fontana said.

Statistically, one in every 100 deer are born all-white, but the rare thing is for it to make it past the first three months of life. Because of its color, it’s hard to hide from predators.

“It’s probably a Piebold deer as opposed to an albino, so it does have pigment. It’s just white instead of brown,” Pat Sesta said, Wilton Environmental Affairs Director.

According to Sesta, Piebold deer tend to thrive where there is more snow cover, but this one has beat the odds and captured imaginations. “It’s pretty interesting. I think weird things are interesting,” Sesta said.

Even neighbor Cosimo Fragomelli, a gardener who grows giant squash and hates most deer, says he’d give the deer a pass. “If I hunt, I no shoot a deer like that. I leave it alone,” Fragomelii said.

Lowell would actually like to see her again. “She hasn’t been back yet, but it’s only been a couple of days ago that she came through,” she said.

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4 Responses to CT residents spot a rare all-white deer in the woods

  1. Paul says:

    What a beautiful animal. Never have seen anything like that. thanks Angel.

  2. CatFon says:

    Beautiful, that deer is just beautiful! Thanks for posting this video Angel, I found it very interesting. 🙂

  3. Nottoobitter says:


    I grew up in upstate NY and before the age of 12 I saw more white deer than brown(easier to spot). They are not rare in Seneca CO NY. Not only are they not rare you can hunt them.
    In fact my buddies dad had a few mounted on the wall. My favorite was the one that was a back-end with the tail up,some eyes glued on. They called it the “baby albino elephant”.
    We use to joke that they where white because the army depot stored nukes.

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