Cuban Troops Land In Syria, U.S. Dragged Into Proxy War With Russia

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Months after President Obama agreed to “normalize” relations between the U.S. and Cuba, and after opening an American embassy on the island, Raul Castro, in an obvious move to embarrass Obama, has agreed to send Cuban military troops to Syria at Putin’s behest.

Putin has dropped 300 Cuban troops into Syria to help his ally President Bashar al-Assad, beat back ISIS and those CIA-backed rebels that are combating the terrorist group, as well as trying to topple him.  

The U.S. is now clearly engaged in a proxy war against Russia.

Are you telling me that Putin could not find any other ally to agree to send troops to Syria?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made waves of late with his military offensive in Syria, and now he has on-the-ground backing of the Cuban variety. One of the world’s leading centers for research on Cuba has released breaking details of the Castro regime’s presence in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.+

The Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami shared via email on October 13, 2015, that General Leopoldo Cintra Frías, head of the Cuban Armed Forces, had already landed in Syria. He is, they write, “leading a group of Cuban military personnel … in support of Syria’s dictator Assad” and, in Cold War fashion, the Russian contingent.+

The ICCAS researchers shared with the PanAm Post that the intelligence came directly from a spokesman of the US Defense Department, and is corroborated by an unnamed but friendly military in the Middle East. They report two Russian-made planes arriving in Syria carrying approximately 300 Cuban soldiers.+

They further detail that the Cuban soldiers will man Russian tanks that have been provided to Syrian head-of-state Bashar al-Assad. Their duty will be to fight Islamic State forces and others who threaten Assad’s grip on power.+

Do you think Obama is second-guessing his deal with Cuba? Not a chance.

The Cold War II continues…


One thought on “Cuban Troops Land In Syria, U.S. Dragged Into Proxy War With Russia

  1. WW3 has already started people. It’s now finally hit old conventional boots on the ground. First it was a currency war. The propaganda war. The continuing cyber and information war. The economics war against hard working people.
    Don’t forget the fake drug war.
    It’s here now in your face!
    Congress is irrelevant at this point to approve a war.
    These treasonous traitors are going to do what they want under the UN overlords. It doesn’t matter what you think anymore.
    It’s coming quickly down to my God given rights from the creator and the barrel of a weapon.
    The process of laws and procedures are gone period.
    Enjoy what small freedoms you have left.
    Like the privilege to work a shitty job and pay taxes for all the other lazy asses and foreigners. Prep.. prep, prep and keep prepping!
    GOD help us!
    Government = Tyranny
    Government = Slavery
    Government = Violence

    That’s the way they rule over us…

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