DARPA’s ‘Human Memory-Chip’ Program Gets Green Light

Published on Jul 10, 2014 by DAHBOO77

The Pentagon agency tasked with creating with breakthrough technologies for national security has awarded contracts to two universities to create memory chips for service members and veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries or disease.

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3 thoughts on “DARPA’s ‘Human Memory-Chip’ Program Gets Green Light

  1. Manchurian Candidate anyone? They have the technology to put words in your ear or holograms before your eyes but to be able to implant or control thought and cognition is pretty scary to think about in the wrong hands – like the Pentagon!

  2. I suspect the black projects on this are much more advanced.

    Consider, the U2 spyplane was public (1957)…while the much more advanced CIA’s A-12 (1963-68) faster predecessor to the SR-71 wasn’t acknowledged until later. The F117a was flying for years (1983) before any official disclosure, or images. It was admitted officially in 1988.

    There’s many black projects…look how much money goes in.


    1. Hey flek, I’m thinking that the Pentagon has had access to the unlimited monies of the American people they intend to use to enslave the very people who financed the dirty deeds they have spawned. “Hey Dad, buy me that 12 gauge so I can shoot your ass.” The Israeli problem boils all the way down to basic “good vs. evil”. We all know the greed behind the lie. Lipstick on a pig, call it ‘WEINER SLIDER” as these sword swallowers from Israel can choke on it! There is a law against how I feel about these sons of bitches! Hey ADL, If there is a need for your existence, how the hell do you hold a straight face when trying to explain or justify your reason for being. “Let’s see, we jewed you into WW1 and WW2, let’s go for the trifecta!” Oh, dammit, put me on “the list”!

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