Day 3: Negative US Media Coverage Fails to Stop Constitutional Truckers and Veterans Moving Into DC

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More DC Truckers along with many other vehicles have continued to pour into the nation’s capital today, as day three of Ride for the Constitution commences.

Convoy spokesman, Ernest “General” Lee (photo, left) was busy Saturday coordinating new incoming convoys.

From early Sunday morning, Lee reported that the vehicles on the roads have been building. Lee stated, “We got flags flying, horns honking, rigs, trucks and other vehicles stretching 10 miles along interstate 495 in Maryland. I cannot see an end to it, everyone has their flashers on”.  

“We’re running at 42mph, and these people in the other lane are riding alongside us. We’re sending a message.”

Lee has also led the truckers’ effort to join up with the thousands of US Veterans and their families who are also pouring into Washington DC this morning for demonstrations at both the World War II Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

“Right now we have a detachment of bobtail trucks carrying veterans going downtown to the WWII Memorial, and another detachment headed to the US Marine Iwo Jima Memorial. We’re surrounded by supporters of the vets.” said Lee.

#T2SDA_#T4VETS_WWII_Memorial_Vets_Truckers_ProtestFrom 8:00am EST, after a man with wire cutters cut through government-imposed barriers at the war monument, thousands of protesters (photo. left) and US Veteran supporters entered the World War II Memorial, with more pouring in.Demonstrators were joined at 9:30am EST by a mile long convoy of #T2SDA + #T4VETS big rig trucks, four-wheel drive and motor vehicles. Despite a blackout in US mainstream media coverage, independent U Stream live video feeds have been up documenting events on the ground there.

At 9:00am EST, Metropolitan police vehicles reported to be blocking streets in the immediate area around the WWII Memorial, but no reports of harassment of demonstrators by law enforcement as of that time.

According to one veteran on site, former US Marine Will Gonzalez, “Police are helping block the roads for us. They are definitely supporting us. There are at least a few hundred people walking from the WWII memorial towards the White House.”

At 11:00am ESTGMN live reported that hundreds of protesters headed for Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial, torn down the government barriers, and began occupying the monument.

The corporate mainstream media have been working overtime all week – not to cover any facts on the ground – but to brand this weekend’s DC trucker protest as failure. From before the protest began on Friday, headlines appeared to be uncannily coordinated, and clearly designed to deflect support away from Ride for the Constitution’s convoys.

As is normally done when they band together to promote US involvement in illegal wars, most notably with the White House’s botched effort to launch a war in Syria, here’s how the corporate media cartel tried to dampen support for truckers’ constitutional effort: USA Today said, “Rain, not trucker protest, slows D.C.-area traffic“. FOX News said, “Dozens, not thousands, show up for DC trucker protest.” said, “Trucker D.C. Beltway Shutdown Plan a Hoax“.Politico said, “Trucker Protest a Bust“.

In probably the greatest example of mainstream media going out of it’s way to distract from the real DC trucker event, America’s alleged ‘paper of record’ devoted it’s only coverage of events to a planted, fake photo, which went viral online via Twitter. Yesterday afternoon, one of the Post’s dedicated core of jobsworth desktop journalists, Caitlin Dewey, published an article,”Viral photo from Beltway trucker protest actually from an event last May“. Sadly, this was all the Washington Post could manage in coverage – for an event happening in their own back garden.

The irony of course, is that it was the Washington Post itself, who helped made this very same planted photo go viral early on Friday when they featured the photo in question in their own Twitter news feed which ran alongside of their earlier DC traffic article mentioning truckers. Here the  screenshot, recorded on Friday Oct 11, at 12:39 EST:

There were other mild efforts over the weekend to cover events. Local NBC Washington affiliate WBIR was one of the only corporate media outlets who managed to make the effort to connect with Ride for the Constitution, sending a journalist to ride with a trucker on Saturday morning.

“Truckers protesting the actions of President Obama and Congress continue to slowly circle the Capital Beltway on Friday. They say they are fed up with what many of them consider an abuse of the Constitution.

WUSA9′s Bruce Leshan traveled with the convoy for a while. At noon, he reported that he was traveling approximately 2 miles per hour, with the traffic almost completely stopped…”

Check out 21st Century Wire’s detailed coverage of the #T2SDA and #T4VETS. See full coverage of Day One here, and Day Two here.

9 thoughts on “Day 3: Negative US Media Coverage Fails to Stop Constitutional Truckers and Veterans Moving Into DC

  1. It’s not suprising that the Puppet Shows on the MSM are trying to ignore or laugh at the strike. The Sheep must never know the truth.
    Truckers and Vets! Hey Dumbo and puppets, you done poked an angry bear!
    Want to see who really runs this country? Road blocks like 78 will cripple the nation in three days or less.

  2. As a Japanese admiral Yamamoto said when said asked about the attack on pearl harbor, he said and I paraphrase I fear we awakened a sleeping giant. well the giant which is the American people is coming awake and there will be hell to pay, for all the corruption and deceit.
    Rock on truckers we are with you!!

    1. Is this ,,,,,,Are you the same “michael” who defamed this historic ride 2 days ago.that trucker “mark S” told off then Henry outed on his show????????????????????????

  3. The memories of the ’60s protesters and subsequent riots are still too fresh in the minds of certain communities. To paraphrase and twist one of Hitlers propaganda ministers “…if you ignore the truth enough it will go away.” In this case, thanks to everyone reporting the truth, it isn’t going away.

  4. Part of their responce (TPTB) Will be:
    But not all will be unveiled just yet.

    The real truth of everything:
    Its all about Bankers Wars: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

    Where our Federal Taxes really go

    As they have done already they will blame another for the effect that they themselves have caused and they will play upon our patriotism again, many will succumb as before and they will attempt to play us upon ourselves even now , this time however, there are more of us aware of their deception, more of our mothers also know the real truth why their children die in their wars; they die not for honor and country, but for their world domination agenda 21 end game control, which has usurped our American Government in every facet and form. Even our resistance is being counted on as part of their plan. Only wisdom and knowledge in light can negate the darkness of night, only light will expose those who are to be held accountable, so that the new dawn of tomorrow will be in the hearts of men to begin anew

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