6 thoughts on “Dayton Ohio 10am Local I70 Westbound – Cower in Place In Full Swing

    1. Its been bad for15 years HD. Bad starting in Pennsylvania, beats the shit out of you, bad along the whole 2100 miles..

      All the interstates are bad..

  1. Drove to Spokane and back to Willamette valley yesterday. Not a single cop. None. That’s crazy. Roads seem to be getting more traffic again. Even the trucks pushed 70+ in some cases. Most tooled along at 68. Cars doing 80+. In a 70 zone. One could tell which trucks had governors.

    1. Yeah, the northwest is an entirely different story, the north east coast is so kiss ass subjugated, North West, not so much, for what ever reason.

      Boston, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, pure commie kiss ass subjugated. Ohio is a fkg joke.

      People are waking up, big time though, these assholes are going to have a goddamn fight on their hands.

      I see and hear big time changes everyday out here. Our show, and sites like ours are having a broad reach, i feel and see it every day out here.

      Alot of you tube channels, loggers, truckers, tool guys, talking our language.

      Truck stop talk is right on the button. Even the wet backs are pissed off. These commie bastards fkd up, pissed alot of people off.

      Waaaaay overreached.

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