Death To The New World Order – Heinous Warcrimes planned for June 22 2013 will be thwarted – Is Operation Blackjack a reality? – Will the war criminals face Justice? The answer is YES

Disclaimer: ain’t sayin’ it is, ain’t sayin’ it isn’t. Strictly for the purpose of discussion.


The following post contains text from multiple sources, not exactly ironclad proof of a planned false flag terror attack on June 22 2013, but circumstantial; albeit critically important to consider evidence of a long rehearsed contrived event that if allowed will make 9/11 a minor footnote in history.  

In theaters June 21 2013 -World War Z

Exposing this contrived war-crime could be key to preventing the satanic elite from carrying out this blatant crime and genocide on free humanity.

For years we have had our top white-house spokesmen all but promise a 9/11 2 will transpire, they’ve supplied us with fake intelligence that Al-Qaeda has nuclear, bio, and chemical weapons planted in federal buildings of the U.S.A., they’ve promised a 9/11 X100 nuclear terror attack is preplanted by Al-Qaeda, allthewhile funding, training, and supplying these very terrorists they purport to appose.

This is not even conspiracy theory anymore, please look this up, Nato powers openly fund and arm the very terrorist squads they fight and murder with impunity in the name of peace and “civility”. The sickening hypocrisy of this makes the blood boil with seemingly unquenchable rage.

Libya is the key example of the blatant and hellish evil of our supposedly altruistic military bloc (Nato). No-one can deny the cruel and inhumane fate forced on every Libyan, born into freedom by the glorious green revolution chiseling Libya away from the pervasive Nazi world empire decades in the offing, if you just look for the truth in the lies.

Sickening hypocrisy that knows no bounds has grow so cold and so confident in its unstoppable conquest that it has openly allowed the truth that in Libya, the Nato powers have outside the laws of USA, any Nato member state,  and even International law, they have openly funded and granted political and diplomatic cover, and even by hellish bombardment, have supported the very terrorists that it supposedly fights in various other countries around the globe.

The blatantly satanic nazi fascism of these heinous wars and the more than obvious global UN dictatorship depopulation scheme is so in your face and ironclad as fact (if you’ll only open your eyes) that Im left grasping for a way to understand how every man women and child on this prison planet doesn’t understand these facts plain as day and spend every ounce of their virtue and soul fighting these dark agendas for their very survival, and ranting ceaselessly and with vitriolic hatred re: these wicked fascists ruling from on high and dooming all of creation to certain death.

Getting back to the premise of this post, the following is a compelling and not wisely overlooked copy paste of a fellow bloggers premise regarding the false flag 9/11 times 100 promised by the global mafia, possibly scheduled to go live June 21 – 23 2013

I would add first that not only is this doomdate ominously prophesied in Simpsons, various sitcoms such as Jericho, and in the doom-laden slideshow, operation blackjack, but it is also coinciding with numerous live state and local disaster drills. including DHS, all on June 22 2013, and the movie world war z comes out on June 21 ( a movie mirroring hellish UN depopulation and war agendas in the works). Now I dont believe in numerology mumbo jumbo but if you look at any major event in history and you will always find some disturbing symbolism foretelling such doom or highlighting it, and we have all of that snowballing to June 22 2013.

On June 22 2013 we not only have various state and national disaster drills happening just as we had on 9/11, but we have numerous drills leading up to this over the years following 9/11, including drills as contingency for plans that involved chemical, nuclear and biological simultaneous terror attacks on multiple USA and European targets, we have years of warnings and promises from corrupt warmongering officials promising a new 9/11 is in the offing, we have hints and clues in Nazi empire controlled media, and we have the ominous date of June 22 not only showing up in the absolutely doom-laden slide-show blackjack, but also exactly  11 years, 9 months, and 11 days following 9/11.


Hollywood Announces 6/22/2013 Nuclear Terrorism
Posted on April 28, 2013 by John Kimber

The OKC Bombing, 9/11, and 7/7, were all foretold within so-called “fiction”:- OKC Bombing and 9/11 9/11 Lone Gunmen HQ 9/11 in prior movies BBC “predicts” 7/7

On the day of the Boston Bombings, an expensive new sci-fi TV program called “Defiance”, was launched.

Episode two (4/22/2013) has nuclear terrorism and martial law themes, like Jericho (2006-8), Operation Blackjack (2009), and much recent “fiction”. Boston

The date 6/22 (22/6) often appears in this fiction, and in the second episode of Defiance, “GES 226” is prominently shown at 35 minutes in (left-click to enlarge):-

G = 7 E = 5 S = 19. GES = 7 5 19. 7+5+19 = 31.
GES 226 = 31/22/6 = reversed 6/22/13.
From 9/11/01 to 6/22/13 = 11y 9m 11d.

In movies and TV shows etc produced prior to 2013, nuclear terrorism was associated
with 6/22 and 2012. Such attacks might have come true on 6/22/12, but millions of people were warned by phone calls to Coast To Coast AM, on 6/8/12:-

However, false flag terrorism and the preparations for martial law, are clearer than
ever in 2013: “dirty bombs” or worse on 6/22/13, would still fit this agenda perfectly.

13 thoughts on “Death To The New World Order – Heinous Warcrimes planned for June 22 2013 will be thwarted – Is Operation Blackjack a reality? – Will the war criminals face Justice? The answer is YES

  1. If the bankster gangsters, who are behind a large part of the terror being set upon the world decide that the gig is up and their massive crimes are getting too exposed, they will set off nukes around the world, to be blamed on ‘Moozies,’ and off we go to WWIII.

    The bankster gangsters will do anything, including nuking the planet, in order to evade justice for their crimes.

  2. Please realize that our government’s tactic of “ruling by inducing fear” also extends to the alternative media, and that’s why we’re constantly seeing “evidence” of one planned false-flag operation after another, which never actually materialize.

    While the sheeple are plied with fear of terrorism, the “awakened” are constantly subjected to fear of false-flags, super-weaponry that can kill us all, and endless surveillance that tells them our every thought.

    It’s all BS, you should have known that, and the idiots who made these videos (I couldn’t even watch the entire videos for their complete lack of credibility) are obviously desperate to generate fear by any means imaginable. By this point, just hearing the voice of Alex Jones should be enough to tell you it’s non-sense.

    And the Boy Scouts are perfectly safe too (at least from violent attack — but they’re probably in danger from pedophile scoutmasters). They’d no sooner hurt them than you would want to wipe out the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

    1. Right on, JR. It’s all fear-based conditioning to keep us tied up and anxious. Better to use the time building mind, body and resources.

    2. Seriously. The criminals are in charge.

      They’re not worried about being exposed. They already are.

    3. Hey, I DID post a disclaimer with this one, after all.

      Besides, it was a REALLY slow news night. So bad, that I actually fell asleep looking for something else worthwhile to send Henry.

      It’s always kinda fun to slam AJ anyway.

  3. Yep. Intended to wear you down mentally. Jones is controlled opposition. That’s all. Stop visiting his site would be a start.

  4. they are nuking the planet
    its been one thing after another
    they plan on going all the way with this
    we’re being doused in toxins day in day out
    i remember watching pbs about what possibly
    killed the dinosaurs. can you guess what it was?
    now think fuku and fungus spread on a global scale
    this was like fifteen years ago. it didn’t set well with me
    then and i wasn’t anywhere near at the awake level i’m at now
    i can’t prove it of course. hopefully there’s someone here who can

  5. Simple – just check to see if your local synagogue is having services this weekend. If not, get the hell out of town.

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