Debt Limit – A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy

Uploaded on Nov 4, 2011 by debtlimitusa

The United States debt limit explained. A satirical short film taking a look at the national debt and how it applies to just one family. Watch the guy from the Sprint Ads, Ferris Bueller Superbowl Spot and plays Arwin! (also in the upcoming film PAIN AND GAIN) Produced by Seth William Meier, DP/Edited by Craig Evans, 1st AC Brian Andrews, Sound Mixer Gus Salazar, Written and Directed by Brian Stepanek. Help us spread the word by clicking ads or at

One thought on “Debt Limit – A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy

  1. Another Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy:

    You and your family are NOT responsible for any debts incurred by in illegally installed insurgent government, so tell the IRS to F%$k Off.

    All national debt incurred since 1913 is void due to the unconstitutional monetary system imposed upon us by the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act.

    We don’t owe the Rothschilds or any other Jew bankers one stinking dime, and in fact they owe us trillions of dollars.

    End of story.

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