Debunking the fake Amazon rainforest fire pictures shared by celebrities

Published on Aug 23, 2019

Celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio have shared pictures of what they believed to be the Amazon rainforest fires. In reality some of the pictures shared are not from this year and some are not even in the Amazon rainforest at all.

5 thoughts on “Debunking the fake Amazon rainforest fire pictures shared by celebrities

  1. Nice ziop good cop vs bad cop propaganda piece.
    These countries are under heavy attack for takeover by CIA Mossad.
    This is arson. They blame farmers, loggers and miners, nice try.
    Paradise was arson.
    Destruction makes the central bankers rich.
    We need the UN to do something quick, right? Please save the planet from your arsonists!

    1. Is the Sampson option also in play here? I mean, for years they have been so protective of South America, and except for Antartica, keept it soooo low-key. I thought it was the aquifers they stole for their own use. But to burn the rain-forest, isn’t that like cutting their own throats?

      1. It’s the dialectic, now the UN will come in and gradually kick everyone out to the smart cities they have planned, raping the interior as they please. We’re just in the bulldozer stage now. The AGENDA doesn’t stop til it’s stopped.

  2. Koyote’s statement that they are trying to burn out the indigenous peoples rings true and this sorta thing’s been going on for decades. Whether it’s for lumber or building dams or hunting wildlife or just wanting to kill of hunter-gatherers in the Amazon just for sport, I’d say killing off these Amazonians is likely the number one reason. The movie “Enchanted Forest” made in early 80s based on a true story of an indigenous tribe in Central America kidnapping a white child shows this sorta thing’s been going on a long time.

    And if these celebrities really gave a crap they’d been down in Brazil helping put out the fires instead of flying around in private jets polluting the environment under the guise of “saving the world from climate change” which they have no clue about since they live in fantasy world.

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