Democrats, Republicans, Gridlock, and the Truth

The mainstream propagandists would have us believe that there exists two ideologies that are diametrically opposed and thus we are caught in a gridlock wherein nothing is being accomplished as we continue to head down the road to disparity and the third world.  The fact is nothing could be further from the truth as there is a perfect unity and cause within the one party system.

You see the Republicrats saying they will not budge in their neo-conistic stance as they are righteous in their cause and absolute in their conviction that to allow the Demopublicans to move their agenda one inch will cause further disaster.   And then you have the Demopublicans, also staunch in their assertion that to allow the Republicrats to go forth even to the smallest extent will cause further disaster.  And you know what, they are both telling the truth.

The neo-cons, if allowed to advance, will further the agenda initiated by Ronald Regan, further pushed by George Bush I, and then Clinton, making huge advances through George Bush II, after which Obama has picked up the ball and ran with it.

The social communists, who in reality have been working in step with the national socialist neo-cons, wish to further destroy this country through further implementation of the so called “center of the road” policies, originally enacted by Bill Clinton and George Bush II, that is NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and more so called free trade agreements, further bailouts and stimulus, and printing more money to give to foreign banks.

The bottom line is the one party system is hell bent on our destruction and have created this phony gridlock as a strategy.  Right now the corporate elite are seeing profits that they could not have dreamed of twenty years ago.  They are being allowed to take our resources out of this country for manufacture without even so much as a thank you.  In fact they are spitting on us and flipping us the bird as they strong arm our wealth from us.

Tell me this, if you are making record profits and stealing wealth hand over fist through culling the American work force then moving the US industry out of the country, why should you want anything to change?  This is what we have to realize.  The corporate elite are making bank and all of this arguing about why things can’t change, is nothing more than a smoke screen designed to divert our attention from their minions, who are literally packing up our property and carrying it away.

Mark Koernke, of, pointed out a simplicity that cannot be denied during a broadcast this week.  He said, “If the banks truly needed to be bailed out and the mortgage losses replaced, what if we would have given that money to the people who were in the homes being foreclosed upon and then they could have paid off their mortgages, then the banks would have been effectively bailed out, the citizens would have retained the property, property values would not have crashed, and the effects of the bailout would have been a lot less severe on we the people.”

But that is not how the criminals in our government handled it, is it?  What they did is, gave the money to the banks for the mortgages, 100%, and then returned the properties to them.  The banks not only did not lose a dime, but made a profit on the bad loans and retained the property.

I heard one propagandist on FOX News say, “The government needs to stop harassing the banks and get off of their backs.”  No, the banksters need to be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed and the wealth they have stolen needs to be returned to we the people whom they stole it from.  But like I said, the elite are not going to allow anything to change, because why should they?

428,000 new filing for unemployment this week and as these numbers have been consistent going on three years now that is 400,000 people running out of unemployment benefits after 99 weeks.  Also, each week this continues represents 400,000, formerly of the middle class, in different stages of exhausting their savings accounts, cashing out their retirements, being foreclosed on and losing their equity in their homes, and defaulting on car loans.  This represents an enormous liquidation of wealth and that wealth is going directly from those formerly in the middle class to those in the top 2%.

They give us the number 10% as the amount that 98% of us are being forced to exist on.  Considering the aforementioned and the fact that lying about the numbers is a mainstay for the elitists and their propagandists, I have to believe that number is half, at 5%.

And the so called gridlock goes on.  Again, why should they do anything when the current situation is profiting them so immensely?  All they are going to do is continue to put out the false arguments to and fro and every once in a while we will see a piece of legislation just magically slip through that either further deteriorates our rights, or allows a little more of the wealth of the middle class to be transferred to the filthy rich.

If it is politics, Ron Paul is the only one offering anything outside of the status quo of the one party system.  Unless there is a war or an institution of martial law facilitating a suspension of the elections, Dr. Paul cannot lose.  But considering the numbers we have just talked about, is there going to be anything left by 2012?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Hey, if you’ve got a Texan in charge you better believe you can sleep safe and sound tonight. Texans don’t fancy to the socialite scene, they are men of courage and principals- the ultra liberals can take a walk, we have a man of Texas to lead this nation BACK! God bless America and God bless this true patriot Rick Perry-all the way! Yeah, Ron Paul would be good too if he had some charisma.

    1. BULL SHIT!!!
      You obviously haven’t spent any time in Houston or Dallas. I’m a proud Daughter of the Republic of Texas. Don’t even TRY to pull the wool over MY eyes! Git on back to yer Goat Ropin’! Don’t you have a Tent Revival or a Sangin’ to attend?

      1. If you were being sarcastic, I apologize. Give me Barbara Jordan or Ann Richards any day. LBJ, Bush, Bush, Perry SUCK!

    2. are you shitting me just look at that guy he looks like a complete phony rick perry who the fuck is he from what i have seen he looks like a complete asshole just another jerkoff who speaks for the rich and corporate elite dude you have to be tarded to think this guy is it go and see a shrink

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