Happy Constitution Day!

Today, September 17, 2011 is the 224th anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution.  This should be a national holiday and I’m sure it will pass pretty much unnoticed except by the patriots and the Ron Paul Campaign, which is holding a money bomb today.  Never in the history of our country has our Constitution been under the distress it is in today.  In fact Ron Paul’s adherence to the Constitution is actually being cited as a reason not to vote for him.  Think about a government that shows open distain and disrespect for the laws of we the people.

In the little bit of mainstream propaganda I heard this morning, the message was clear.  “We need the government.”  There was piece talking about how lucky we are to have a massive, overgrown, bloated, gluttonous government in place in case we are attacked with a biological agent.  Another was talking about the blessings of social compacts.  I guess this is how neo-cons and social communists celebrate Constitution Day.

At any rate whether they will admit it in public or not, they know the people at large have decided on the Constitution and Ron Paul, and nothing these lying propagandists can say is going to change that fact.

It has turned cold where I live today and I know winter is on the way.  We must become louder in our assertion that we are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution.  And we are absolutely going to punish the treasonous criminals that have brought us to the miserable conditions we are living in today.  I believe our numbers already have the election won, but the further the message can be spread the better.

I believe those out there who can afford it should put a dollar or two into the pot for Ron Paul’s money bomb, just to show our determination and devotion to the cause.  Those who cannot afford to donate, honor our Constitution by going on a few sites today and asserting the fact that our Constitution is the only way we are going to see a return to freedom, liberty, peace, and prosperity.

God bless the Constitution of the united States of the Americas, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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