Deputy shot, killed by suspect at Minn. hospital

USA Today

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — A sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed by a man he was monitoring at St. Cloud Hospital early Sunday morning, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The shooting happened on the fifth floor around 5:15 a.m. Sunday when a suspect being treated at the hospital shot and killed the deputy, who was guarding the room at the hospital’s request because of the seriousness of a domestic-related incident involving the suspect. That incident happened earlier in the week outside the St. Cloud area.  

BCA Superintendent Drew Evans identified the slain deputy as investigator Steven Sandberg, 60. Sandberg had been with the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office since 1991. The suspect was identified as Danny L. Hammond, 50, of rural Aitkin.

Authorities said Sandberg and Hammond struggled and Hammond took a firearm from Sandberg and shot him.

Security officers subdued Hammond by using a Taser. After he was taken into custody, Hammond became unresponsive and later died, Evans said.

Police and hospital officials declined to say at a news conference why Hammond was being treated at the hospital.

The incident was confined to Hammond’s hospital room and no patients or personnel were injured.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton offered condolences to Sandberg’s family for his “terrible, senseless murder.”

8 thoughts on “Deputy shot, killed by suspect at Minn. hospital

  1. Iceberg, Goldberg, “Sandberg”…hmmm. Must be nice being 60 and having a cushy job on the taxpayers dime screwing with people for a living.
    I guess the county won’t have to pay his retirement and burden the taxpayers now. I have no sympathy for “Order Followers”. Complete left brain control freaks.
    I’m just doing my job doesn’t cut it anymore with me. Do you think this guy ever lied and screwed anybody in his career? Right…? But his buddies took care of the perp like the guy selling cigarettes in New York with six guys on top. Stop resisting..Stop resisting…

    1. The big black guy guy selling cigs in NYC was a total race-baiting zog HOAX. People that cannot breathe, do not yell “I can’t breathe – I can’t breathe, repeatedly. Most of the “white pigs shooting a black guy” are total race war baiting by the jew msm.

      1. We can never totally rule out a hoax, but he could have been actually struggling to breathe when he said, “I can’t breathe,” after which he could have suffocated when exhaustion set in.

        We definitely agree that the MSM has been trying hard to keep its coverage of pig thuggery focused on racial issues. Many cases of truly savage police brutality against whites have been ignored by everyone except sites that specialize in documenting such incidents. And when covering the incidents in which blacks are the victims of the pigs, mainstream reporters will often include boilerplate such as, “The shooting comes at a time of heightened tensions between law enforcement and the black community due to a number of high-profile shootings…” blah blah blah.

        The hidden agenda behind framing this issue in terms of race is very possibly a desire to prevent whites and blacks from uniting to stop pig barbarism. Keeping race relations tense is a classic instance of “divide and conquer.”

  2. “After he was taken into custody, Hammond became unresponsive and later died, Evans said.”

    How exactly did he become unresponsive?

    Well I guess we’re okay with pigs killing suspects in the station house now, and that should clear up some court backlog. Why bother with a costly trial when he can simply “become unresponsive”?

  3. “A cop got shot, let’s burn it down” mentality pervades the pigs in our land. It’s becomingly nauseatingly delightful to watch them “Protect and Serve”. What a F’N joke.

  4. “… when a suspect being treated at the hospital shot and killed the deputy,…”


    Best story of the weekend! Thanks, admin! 😀

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