Desperate Restaurant Owner Blocks Health Inspector’s Car


December 27th, 2020.

Bread and Barley, 130 N Citrus Ave., Covina, CA 91723

If more people were like him, none of this bullshit would be going on.

And the cops? Well, they’re just following orders.

3 thoughts on “Desperate Restaurant Owner Blocks Health Inspector’s Car

  1. ramp it up a notch .. maybe pay them a visit with all the local owners , showing up at their door step before they leave for their tyrant jobs

    time to stop their paychecks too .. all of them .. straight up to DC

    1. I thought he was gonna ram that truck into something or somebody. And he kept saying he did all the right things, has all the right “licenses.” One more indicator of how so many have been swept along into subservience. But how good to see the anger and rage surfacing with defiance burning in the hearts of all who are fed up with the tyranny and ready to take back freedom. It’s happening. Intense, and overdue, but also inspiring.


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