Destructiveness Party

George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump are all of the same party, the Destructiveness Party that is hell bent on destroying completely our country and our freedom.

I keep hearing Patriot talk show hosts talking good about Donald and putting Hillary down.  They are the same people with the same direction and both hate you and me, and their boss George is giving them both their marching orders.  

Why are the so called investigative reporters and hosts in the patriot movement falling so deeply for this simple scam?

Any two-year-old knows there will never be a secure border or any of our liberties restored with these scammers in the driving seat.  Don’t fall for the mainstream CIA news and keep thinking Donald and Hillary are against each other, it makes you look stupid and ignorant when you fall for such a simple scam and simple Lie.

We must, as Patriots, not fall for their mind controlling technical bullshit.

Wake the hell up or we will all die in our sleep.

We have the tools to overcome this scam and the most powerful tool is to not have anything to do with the shysters and their games.

Don’t talk about them, don’t even acknowledge that they exist.    Let them swelter in the septic tank alone and spout their shit to each other, I’m tired of hearing their stinking bullshit.

9 thoughts on “Destructiveness Party

  1. “..We have the tools to overcome this scam and the most powerful tool is to not have anything to do with the shysters and their games”….

    So I guess you will be living in a cave somewhere or another country…. ??

    1. My country and Our system is the greatest system of laws and liberties on this planet. No I will not leave. I will stay and do all I can to restore the greatness of our country. Our true country has no resemblance to the system and scam that is in place right now.
      As long as we show them we support the lie that is being crammed down our throat we give them our permission to scam us.
      To keep Tinker Bell alive and flying all we have to do is Believe. I don’t believe in there fairy tails no more. sorry

  2. No argument here, Kantucky. Like you, I’m amazed that so many ostensibly “Red Pill” folks, including numerous libertarians, have fallen under the spell of Trump. It seems that people are so desperate for a “strong man” who will solve all the country’s problems that they’ve fallen into the trap of wishful thinking.

    If we judge him by his own words, Trump is NOT a friend of liberty. He does NOT respect the Bill of Rights, or even any concept of human rights. He may end up being as bad as Hillary would have been, and possibly even worse.

    It’s very discouraging to see most Americans STILL falling for the “Red Team vs. Blue Team” dog crap. Really, it’s just pathetic.

  3. “Why are the so called investigative reporters and hosts in the patriot movement falling so deeply for this simple scam?”

    They don’t know/realize that we don’t have OUR law. Not until we get our common law back we will remain powerless. Our sovereign authority has been removed, therefore we are back at the only retrieval method left us in our Bill of Rights, that of the arms to throw off the tyrants exercising tyranny.

    We stand at Lexington and Concord.

    We must continue to flood the comment sections wherever and whenever we leave comments at other sites with this truth and leave info. and the link to the TWFTT broadcast.
    Monday – Friday
    12 pm – 2 pm Pacific
    Call in line:
    (641) 715-3610
    Conference line:
    I need to get a link for Hal Apeeno’s channel and Joe’s, Grown your own channel. If someone can post a link to either or both of these channels I’d appreciate it.


  5. Matthew 24:24 (KJV) For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

  6. Supporting the system, not supporting the system..doesn’t matter, right or wrong, doesn’t matter. Only one factor matters, has ever mattered and will ever matter. I hear people all the time , and think about this…throughout all empires people have been driven off their land or exterminated and the land possessed by the invader. We simply cannot now change all of that, give the land back, turn back the clock, raise those who were genocided from their graves. In the end…we let it go and surrender to “Might makes right”. The only fools are those that hold out hope that somehow, MMR is not a universal truth. It is a universal truth and when we all embrace that we will clearly see there is only 1 path to liberty. We have to raise up an army that can wipe out our enemies and put us at the top of the food chain. Why can’t civilians own military grade weaponry? Well, because then we could defend ourselves of course. The gun rights that we have in this nation are a farce to make us believe we have an even footing. We need to throw off that ridiculous charade and get busy building war machines.

    1. In my opinion the weaponry currently in civilian possession would be more than enough to overthrow the system if enough people wanted to do that, especially considering the huge numerical advantage held by the civilian population and the fact that civilians are already “prepositioned” throughout this gigantic country. If the US military and NATO couldn’t handle the Taliban, there’s no way they could handle a serious, nationwide civilian uprising in the US.

      However, in spite of the long train of government abuses of power we’ve witnessed, the overwhelming majority of people still feel that they have too much to lose by taking up arms. Most people remain fairly comfortable in the material sense, and those who are starving typically lack money for guns and ammo anyway. No one wants to stick out his neck first and have no guarantee of others joining in.

      Equally important are the effects of propaganda. It has been extremely effective at keeping Americans docile. Along with a good dose of Stockholm Syndrome, this brainwashing has most Americans literally worshipping the armed forces of the oligarchs and putting “law and order” (i.e., obedience) above all other principles.

      Nevertheless, your point is valid. Eventually American civilians WILL lose the arms race unless new weapons are developed by civilians to counter the ever-increasing capabilities of the standing army.

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