DHS Claims Billions of Bullets Purchased Were “Clerical Error”

Mr. Conservative – by Warner Todd Huston

A fellow named Steve Knepp came across some agents of the Department of Homeland Security in Philadeplhia that claimed that the 2 billion bullets ordered by his agency was “quite possibly a clerical error.”

The agent told Mr. Knepp that it was absurd that people think that DHS would even have enough money to buy that many bullets all at once. The information that Mr. Knepp had seen, such as the work orders from the DHS that millions have seen, are just a mistake.  

“I do find it to be absurd. It’s grotesquely inaccurate. It’s offensive to me,” the DHS agent told Knepp.

“But the math speaks for itself,” Knepp is heard saying on the tape. “Two billion rounds is enough for like 14 Iraq wars,” he, says.

“Clerical errors,” the DHS agent replied.

“With budget sequestration? Trust me we’re not going to spend that kind of money on ammunition,” the agent said.

And we have the federal government snooping in on all our conversations and communications.

There are other agencies doing dodgy stuff, too. For instance, the ATF is creating a new program to spy on anyone that owns a gun.

Even leftist comedians like Stephen Colbert think that Obama is a “tyrannical despot who ignores all the rules.”

The agent did go on to say that he was a supporter of the Second Amendment himself and, while he believed in some restrictions, he was all for the U.S. Constitution.

So, do you feel safer with DHS agents riding our mass transit?


5 thoughts on “DHS Claims Billions of Bullets Purchased Were “Clerical Error”

  1. Oh yeah, we’re all so stupid to believe that billions of rounds across multiple orders, were just clerical errors. I’ve seen the request forms and there are many of them. They are specific and detail what is being requested clearly in many calibers. THERE IS NO DAMNED WAY THIS WAS A CLERICAL ERROR, YOU DHS MORONS!

  2. Clerical errors? OMG! This is their best excuse? Are they even trying anymore? They really think we were born yesterday. So all this time and all of these excuses and all of these cover-ups and proof of purchases, ammo shortages and even Janet Napolitano stating herself that they are using these bullets for training purposes and now he is saying she lied and it is all due to a “clerical error”?

    BAHAHAHA!!! OMG! Someone shoot me because I can’t take this stupidity anymore. How can anyone believe this shit?

    Does this agent even speak to his boss? Does he even listen to what his boss had said? She clearly said she purchased them for training purposes and now he is saying she didn’t and that it was a “clerical error”? And she clearly stated that DHS had a surplus budget and this guy is stating that they don’t have one?

    Oh come on, people. Open your damn eyes! Wake up and see the bullshit meter running in maximum overdrive on this one.

  3. I still say that the ammo is for the armed forces and that the US government didn’t want to alert the future “enemy” about our preparations. How about other military equipment? has anyone check on this?…..anyone
    making more uniforms, rifles, MER’s, boots, weeb gear, and so on?


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