DHS Relaunches “See Something, Say Something” Spying Campaign

Department of Homeland Security Relaunches “See Something, Say Something” CampaignInfowars

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s Twitter feed, the agency has relaunched its campaign to involve citizens in tracking down and reporting terrorists.  

The feds have not admitted it, but the effort has proved to be a dismal failure. It has not snagged a single terrorist.

In fact, according to author Harvey Molotch, New York’s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign in New York’s subways has resulted in mostly producing false leads and other noise that has not stopped terrorists, most who are created by the FBI.

The relaunch, however, produced a few comical tweets in response:



6 thoughts on “DHS Relaunches “See Something, Say Something” Spying Campaign

  1. Message to Homeland Security – brown shirts working for the dictator and communist party – we know who the terrorists are – look no farther than the CIA/Mossad Rothschild empire…………..so, we are seeing and saying about it…..isn’t it time to defund the DHS? What a sorry joke….

  2. “We don’t have the required number of brainwashed rats yet, so let’s re-launch the see something say something routine”.

    Our government is completely out of touch with the American people, and that will be their downfall. They don’t realize that they’re only influencing a small number of brainwashed idiots, and most of the population sees them as useless morons, or worse. The war on terror has been exposed for the fraud that it is, and idiots at DHS, who may be dumb enough to believe they’re really chasing terrorists, have become a laughing stock.

    They simply don’t matter anymore, and it’s only a matter of time before the population has had enough of their annoyances.

  3. Relaunches it? Tell that to the old woman who was arrested the other day for calling the police to report suspicious activity or the one former mayor who called as well about another incident, only to get arrested too.

    GOOD JOB! What a joke.

  4. I agree 100%.
    It’s a crime in progress.
    The skies here in NW TX were “whited out” yesterday.
    Sadly, we only know its there because we can see it.
    The real crimes against citizens/humanity are hidden.

  5. People who call the cops deserve what they get for their mental deficiency. Inviting the cops to your home to report a “suspicious looking character” when all they will do is put you on their radar, good luck with that one idiots.

  6. Yeah I saw a guy this morning wearing a hoodie and paying for coffee with cash. Under the FBI guidelines that person is highly likely to be a terrorist. That person was me. Is this country nuts or what.

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