They have resumed spraying this morning in North Carolina


Sent to us by Frank.

They gave us a break yesterday.  Always ahead of a front and below the jet stream.


5 thoughts on “They have resumed spraying this morning in North Carolina

  1. “Resumed” means that you had a day or two off from breathing poison. I hope you enjoyed them, because they are rare.

    I once saw two planes flying at the same time here. One was spraying us and the other wasn’t, and the dissipating condensation from the innocent plane made the chemical attack very obvious.

  2. Looks like a normal day to me here in Dallas. These bastards never stop spraying us. As a matter of fact, the other day, there were 3 hot air balloons flying high in the air over my town while they were spraying that shit. I can only imagine them coughing like crazy up in the sky.

    Of course, the people will probably think it was just merely jet fuel and that it was normal and they were there at the wrong place at the wrong time.


  3. Build a cloud buster, mount on a steel post say about 3″ diameter. use a coupling to allow for it to swivel 360 degrees, add an elevation adjustment to allow for say 20 degrees horizon to say 80 or so degrees, Ground the apparatus to a house metal underground water line. Enjoy the sunshine. Prove it for your self, you will be VERY surprised. So much so that you may want to encourage others and form a network. Matters not to me. I will be watching for your comments,

      1. yes and no. more of a converter, DOR to OR. research cloud busters and chem busters. I got 1 here in western north carolina, if we could get say five more built like the one I described we would be able to coordinate our aiming and concentrate the effectiveness for our mutual benefit. I for one like blue sky and sun shine. also research cloud busting on download this info before it gets disappeared.

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