Dictators Worldwide Demand Aid, Empowered UN, Global Socialism

2c7567224fe219443d0357730c42785c_MThe New American – by Alex Newman

Communist, socialist, and Islamist tyrants, as well as some elected governments from around the world, came together in Bolivia mid June to sign a massive declaration outlining their autocratic demands. Among them: Global government, planetary wealth redistribution from Western taxpayers to their governments, the United Nations “sustainable development” scheme known as Agenda 21, an “international climate regime,” and economy-crippling energy-rationing policies in the West, as well as much more power for their oftentimes brutal regimes in “global governance” institutions such as the UN and the IMF. UN boss Ban Ki-moon was there to cheer them along.   

As The New American reported on June 20, the governments called for what they termed a “New World Order to Live Well.” This article will focus on their specific demands. The final declaration was signed by the so-called “Group of 77 plus China,” which despite the name now includes more than 130 governments and autocracies ruling over nations constituting some 60 percent of humanity — from North Korea and Cuba to Zimbabwe, China, and everywhere in between. The text of the agreement offers a great deal of insight into what their sought-after “New World Order” would look like: It bears striking resemblance to the new order outlined by Western globalists.

Much attention was focused on the UN’s so-called “post-2015 development agenda.” The G77 plus China regimes, echoing the UN, said it must be “global in nature and universally applicable to all.” As The New American reported in February, the UN already has big plans for its post-2015 “agenda,” much of it outlined in a radical report produced with the key assistance of Obama policy architect and extreme Big Government-monger John Podesta. Among other points, the official UN document calls for to planetary authorities to “profoundly and dramatically” alter the “worldview” and “behavior” of every person on Earth. All of it must be done under the guise of shackling humanity to the UN-managed “universal sustainable development agenda.”

Multiple attacks on fundamental human rights were also on the Bolivian “New World Oder” summit agenda. Unsurprisingly considering the membership list — dozens of the G77 regimes censor or outright control the media — even freedom of the press came under fire in the final declaration. “We call for an end to the use of media in any way that might disseminate distorted information against States members of the Group of 77 in complete disregard of the principle of international law,” they claimed. It was not immediately clear which “international law” purportedly prohibits reporting on the crimes and brutality of the world’s dictators.

As usual, “sustainable development” — a nebulous term that can essentially be summarized as world government, central planning, and the complete transformation of human civilization under UN guidance — was also a key talking point for the regimes. “We stress the need to further mainstream sustainable development at all levels,” they said. “We recall the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development … and decide to accelerate the implementation of our respective commitments in this regard as contained in [the UN global sustainability plot known as] Agenda 21.” The New American magazine reported extensively on the UN “Conference on Sustainable Development” and its extreme agenda for humanity from Rio de Janeiro.

Global governance, the euphemism employed by globalists worldwide to describe their vision of a planetary government, probably received more attention than any other single subject aside from sustainability. The despot-controlled UN General Assembly must also have more power, they said. “We reaffirm the central position of the General Assembly as the chief deliberative policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations, as well as the role of the Assembly in global matters of concern to the international community, as set out in the Charter of the United Nations,” the regimes claimed, calling for a stronger UN.

“We stress the importance of the central role of the United Nations in global economic governance,” the declaration continues, demanding a bigger say in the emerging world government for the G77 plus China regimes. “New attempts must now be made to establish proper global economic governance, with the full voice, representation and participation of developing countries in discussions and decision-making.” The despot-dominated UN General Assembly, where the G77 bloc controls almost two thirds of the votes, should become an “emblem of global sovereignty,” they added in the final agreement.

The regimes also called for “a properly regulated international financial sector” and for “capital markets to be mobilized to achieve sustainable development.” Indeed, the focus on globalizing the regulatory regime — especially when it comes to matters of “global economic governance” — received special attention all throughout the final agreement. Even youth unemployment and worker-training programs, though, should be conducted by the UN under a “global strategy,” the declaration said.

A long-running globalist theme among the establishment in the West and in the Third World involves empowering the International Monetary Fund to become a sort of global central bank in charge of a planetary currency. First, however, the Obama administration, Putin, the Communist Chinese regime, European governments, and Third World dictators are demanding that rulers of poorer countries — primarily autocrats — be given a much larger voice in how the emerging global monetary authority should operate. With only the U.S. Congress now standing in the way, the regimes reiterated their demands in the G77-China declaration.

Calling for the “reform process” over governance of Bretton Woods institutions to be finalized as soon as possible, the final agreement also demanded a “more ambitious” and “accelerated plan” to give dictators more power. They should be allowed to participate and vote in all discussions on “international monetary reform and in the operation of the new arrangements for special drawing rights in the International Monetary Fund (IMF),” the declaration said. “In this regard, we call on the General Assembly to launch a process to reform the international financial and monetary system.”

Currently, the global monetary system is dominated by the U.S. Federal Reserve and its U.S. dollar, which serves as the global reserve currency. If the G77 and their allies in the West get their way, however, that will soon change. “We affirm that the current world financial and economic crisis and its consequences for development have exposed the gaps and failures in global economic governance, including within the international financial institutions, and the urgent need for a global, universal and integrated response by the international community,” the declaration continued.

Demands for global currency printing followed. “Also the reform should encompass liquidity creation, including improvement in the special drawing rights for developing countries,” the declaration said. By “liquidity creation,” they mean printing fiat currency out of thin air like central banks. Special Drawing Rights, meanwhile, are the proto-global currency already issued by the IMF, with their value based on a basket of currencies. Of course, if the Fund is allowed to emit its own “liquidity,” or fiat currency, the world will officially have the planetary central bank that has long been sought by globalists everywhere. The implications are historic and monumental, as self-styled global authorities would be able to fund their machinations without the need for taxpayer funding now provided by national governments.

Dictators and Third World governments, though will not be enough, so Western nations with a semblance of freedom and self-government remaining must also get on board. “We urge developed countries to show real political will, so that in the process of reform of the United Nations, including the strengthening and revitalization of the General Assembly as an emblem of global sovereignty, it can improve its capabilities and capacities to fully implement its mandates and ensure the effective delivery of its programme in the social, environmental and economic development fields,” the declaration continued, claiming the UN has “unquestioned legitimacy.” It was not clear where populations were demanding a UN better able to enforce its “mandates,” but dictators and the Obama administration are fully on board.

Like the European and American establishment, the tyrants focused a great deal of attention on inequality — much of it caused by their own plundering and enslavement of their subjects. “We call for global actions to reduce inequalities at all levels,” the regimes said in their declaration, acknowledging the poverty under their rule but attributing it to everything and anything other than their tyranny. “We therefore urge countries, including through the support of international cooperation, to scale up efforts to provide equal access to opportunities and outcomes to all levels of society in accordance with national policies…. We affirm that any benefit from economic growth has to be equitably shared.”

The regimes also touted “universal health coverage,” demanding that “developed countries and relevant international organizations” provide the “financial resources and technology” to make it happen. In other words, Western taxpayers must finance a sort of global ObamaCare for the world. “We urge the international health authorities and organizations, especially the World Health Organization (WHO), to take urgent action,” they continued. International and regional “authorities” also have a duty to feed people living under the G77 regimes, according to the declaration. “Affordable” and “acceptable” modern methods of “family planning” are also needed, they added.

More taxpayer funding from the West to Third World governments for a broad array of other causes — no strings attached — is also required, they claimed. “We stress that developed countries must meet and scale up their existing official development assistance,” the declaration said, demanding that taxpayers in the West fork over at least one percent of their economic production to Third World regimes. “The global financial and economic crisis cannot be an excuse to avoid fulfilling existing aid commitments by developed countries and to make further commitments.” All of that “financial assistance” must be handed over to those regimes “without conditionalities,” they added, saying previous debts should also be written off.

Despite demanding much more wealth from Western taxpayers, the G77 plus China regimes reiterated their demands for governments ruling over wealthier and freer populations to destroy their economies under the guise of fighting non-existent man-made global warming. “We recall that climate change is one of the most serious global challenges of our times,” they said without pointing out the failure of every UN climate model. “We emphasize that developed countries must take robust and ambitious mitigation commitments, with ambitious quantitative targets for limiting and reducing emissions, as required by science and mandated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” It was not clear how “science” could “require” something, but the UN Climate czar previously said Communist China was doing it right.

The G77 regimes also demanded at least $100 billion per year from Western taxpayers to deal with the discredited notion of human-caused “global warming,” which has been on “pause” for 18 years and counting. They also said their willingness to act on “global warming” was contingent on Western politicians cooperating with the extortion demands — something governments in the West appear likely to do as part of their own efforts to create a UN climate regime complete with taxes on the essential-to-life gas carbon dioxide. While some Western governments have distanced themselves from the hysteria, the Obama administration has been charging full-speed ahead.

From the G77 Declaration, it is clear that the ambitions for a “New World Order” represent a very insidious plot. If implemented, liberty, national sovereignty, free markets, God-given rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and values held dear by Americans would all have to give way to a new system. Despite Western and Eastern globalists’ open and very public support for the “New World Order” envisioned by Third World despots, the American people still have the ability to crush it. Getting the U.S. government out of the UN, for example, would break the back of the plot, setting it back decades or more. However, that will happen only if American voters and their representatives demand it as vociferously as the world’s dictators are pushing their nightmarish vision for humanity.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is currently based in Europe. He can be reached atanewman@thenewamerican.comFollow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.


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  1. ““We call for an end to the use of media in any way that might disseminate distorted information against States members of the Group of 77 in complete disregard of the principle of international law,” they claimed.”


    Once again, all of their crap is on paper. Let’s see them enforce it! I
    guarantee we will give them Hell! The same Hell they are giving us. What goes around, comes around.

  2. You folks that are making these demands are forgetting one thing, the American Oathkeeping Patriot will never surrender or submit to your demands and I can promise you will never take our country from within or otherwise on our watch

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