5 thoughts on “Stop the Invasion

  1. Respectfully, those who are known as honest, sincere and forthright militia and Patriot leaders need to organize and lead at the border now, not tomorrow, next week, or maybe next month.
    This is what will secure our southern border, and stop
    this tidal wave of illegal immigration

    1. Update: I should have worded the previous post as, “need to organize and lead at the border, completely independent of state and federal direction and control.”

  2. the tidal wave of illegal border crossings have been coming for a long time, but the larger influx started around October of last year..were really behind on this.
    the lack of reporting and the lack of information getting out to us average people has for sure been on purpose
    the numbers are staggering people..way way higher than even come close to what we are being told

  3. I am more afraid of that State sponsored gang all dressed in a blue or black costume with shiny bling on their costume. I have a better chance of reasoning with the tattooed gangs identified in the article above than cop-roaches. If reason doesn’t work with the tattooed gangs, there are fewer repercussions using other persuasive methods. One may even be able to drive the tattooed gangs out of town or territory eventually , but dealing with the blue costumed gangs only brings in more.

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