Did Goldman Sachs Order the Invasion of Libya?

We found out that good old Goldman Sachs has been doing big business with Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan government.  Apparently Goldman Sachs screwed Libya in reference to a sovereign wealth fund that Gaddafi was controlling for his people.  In the scam Libya lost 98% of a $1.3 billion investment and when Gaddafi and his government found out, the Goldman Sachs executives in Libya had to be ushered out of the country fearing for their lives.

Apparently the Libyans did not take being screwed by Goldman Sachs like we Americans did.  In this country not only did we lose the money they stole from us but we lost double that amount in bailing them out.

It would seem that Gaddafi and the Libyans were pushing to become partial owners in Goldman Sachs as compensation for the loss of their money.  And one would think justifiably so.  So far the reports on this issue have not provided any dates which makes one wonder.

Could Goldman Sachs, whose ex-CEOs are for every intent and purpose running our government, have arranged for this rebel uprising and the U.S. led NATO air strikes to take Gaddafi out, to teach the Middle Easterners that when the international banks defraud you out of your wealth, that you just have to take it our they will kill you?

I guess there is one thing for sure, and that is that the mainstream media in the United States will never allow the Libyan side of this controversy to be heard.

It was also reported yesterday that Gaddafi was meeting with the South African President in an effort to procure a cease fire and end the conflict.  Of course the U.S. led NATO was generous in allowing the South African leader to land in Libya.  They also ceased bombing Gaddafi’s home while the talks were being held there.  Of course the mainstream press in the United States made it clear that Gaddafi would not be allowed to remain in power.

I guess everyone in this country has forgotten that the attack of our Air Force upon Libya was an unconstitutional act with a bald faced lie attached.  It had nothing to do with a humanitarian effort, but was in reality an aggressive act of war that not only targeted Libyan ground forces but also Muammar Gaddafi as Libya’s sovereign leader.

No one can dispute that the activity in Libya by NATO has nothing to do with a no-fly-zone or protecting civilians, but rather is a display of the international power being wielded by the corporate elite at Goldman Sachs which also has served to procure oil for the British Empire.  And of course we Americans are guilty of murdering little children for the cause of corporate globalism and the queen.

God forgive us.

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  1. Wonder how much of that 1.3 billion went to bonuses, mansions, yachts, country club fees, fancy dinners and hookers?

    1. they want all of us to think were crazy. it woudn’t be yhe least bit surprising goldman sachs is behind everything there scum of the earth they have no laws govering them just like the goverment what a job no layoffs just more bonuses what a life

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