99ers and HR 589 Supporters Where is Our Wealth?

The stock market has been rising on news that Greece will be receiving another bailout.  So why does that make our stock market rise?  It is because the phony dollar is losing value.  It is that thing we call inflation.  If you are a 99er or among the middle class you know it very well.  The dollar gets worth less so you have to give more dollars for the things you need to live.

This is the perfect example of the two class system that the fiat dollar has created.  The dollar gets worth less causing inflation, which you would think would cause a loss to everyone across the board.  Not so.  The rich man’s wealth held in the stock market goes unaffected as there is an immediate adjustment for inflation.  If the dollar is worth less the rich man’s property is simply worth more dollars.

Now let’s look on the other side of the tracks.  The poor man’s property is tied up in the fiat debt dollar which is to say all he can do is transfer debt with his script.  And of course he never owns anything because the debt he incurs in trying to acquire property can never be discharged because the fiat currency he is forced to use can only transfer the debt.

And of course the rich man owns the debt and the property through the debt, whether the common man realizes it or not.  Those adjustments you see in the stock market that take care of the rich man are in reality adjustments on debt, which the rich own and we owe.

So how does the rich man make up for his losses in tangible wealth?  Well when the dollar drops someone has to make up for the discrepancy in debt value, and that would be you and I.  You see when we go down to the grocery store and pay 20% more for a bag of rice, the debt discrepancy is compensated, literally through the sweat of our brow, as we are the creators of the products that represents tangible wealth.

This U.S. debt currency, being issued by the foreign Federal Reserve, should be called what it really is.  And that is slave dollars as the rich who control it can literally decide at a whim how much food you get for your sweat.  The international elite and their puppets in our government truly think us to be a subspecies, incapable of figuring out a game of Three Card Monte.

Well I tell each and every one of them.  “Your days are numbered.  No matter what kind of con games you try to pull to rig the next election we are going to elect Ron Paul as President of these United States.  And if you try to defraud us out of this election there will be a revolution, because we are going to have our Constitution and Republic back.  And you are going to be punished for your crimes.”

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Thank you again for your articles Henry as I am an avid reader. I am eager and anxious to begin the revolt but I am looking for a way to kick it off. If you want to see oblivion come to Akron, Ohio, as these sheeple are clueless. I keep swinging the bat but it seems without much understanding from anyone. My anger builds.

  2. Henry, your simple explanations are always well appreciated. Thank you again!

    I have a question about another matter which I can’t figure out if its true on not, regarding HR 1745?

    Is this story true?

    From Unemployed-friends2.org “GOP Pulls back Introduction of HR 1745”!
    Post by DesperateInRI on Fri May 27, 2011 9:42 am

    “Today the Republican Leadership chose not to consider H.R. 1745, which was paradoxically named the Jobs Act of 2011. The ‘Jobs Act’ would have stripped unemployment benefits and denied millions of Americans the ability to make ends meet. It would have eliminated federal payments for temporary extended unemployment benefits on July 6, 2011. Four million Americans would have lost their extended benefits in early July unless states provide coverage for them. The CBC is truly committed to doing our job to create jobs and protect our most vulnerable. This is the reason all but one of the Democratic amendments came from the CBC.”

    I know this may sound like a stupid question but why wasn’t this reversal reported on CBS, NBC, ABC or MSNBC to make the Republicans look like they’ve decided to do something positive for the unemployed? Or were they to ashamed that they brought it up in the first place. This is very important news to all unemployed Americans. It may not do anything for the 99ers (only extending current Tiers), but any mention of attacks on the unemployed being pulled, is worth hearing about! I would also like to know exactly who pulled it, and why they pulled it.

    Did someone all of a sudden get a conscience (which I doubt)? I can only find brief comments about this on line!

    If it’s true, then why instead of a feeling of relief, I get the feeling they’ve found something bigger to take away!

    1. Glenn Bax,
      Here is what I found through Open Congress.org
      “Absent from the House calendar is H.R. 1745, which would allow states to use federal unemployment funds for things other than direct aid to the unemployed. For example, it would have allowed states to use this money to pay back federal loans to meet unemployment rolls. Republicans were planning to take up this bill next week, but work on it has been postponed.”
      As for why they don’t report on it, it was a sleazy little thing they were trying to keep quiet about in the first place and the neo-cons don’t want us to think they fear us in any way. And I think they knew as well as we did that we are in a depression, have been in a depression, and are getting ready to go into a deeper depression. Like it says, they are just not working on it now, but don’t be surprised to see it as one of those conditions for raising the debt ceiling.

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