Diggerdan’s Death Notice

Daniel Deline was born May 20, 1955 in Gold Beach, Oregon and died May 22, 2014 in Colfax, Wisconsin.

Millard has been granted custody of Dan’s ashes and service announcements will be forthcoming.

Flowers can be sent to Goodrich Funeral Home at 118 E. Madison Street, Durand, WI, 54736.   Dan’s service will not be at Goodrich Funeral Home, but they have been gracious enough to accept the flowers for him.  (Goodrich Funeral Home is owned by Millard’s brother.)

For a local florist: Cottage Hill Floral: 715-672-4321.

From Angel:

17 thoughts on “Diggerdan’s Death Notice

  1. gonna miss ya digger
    was wondering why ya hadn’t shown up in the pub lately
    rest easy man

    the pub on this site is a chat room for those who haven’t found their way to check it out during the show

  2. I was just thinking of digger and that this nightmare world that is killing us probably killed him. He took it on the chin like a real fighter and didn’t cower like most who run away from fear. He helped to spread the truth to our brothers and sisters as a real man and patriot.
    I salute him.

  3. Hey Dig,hope all is well on the other side,i.e. seeing missed friends(Say Hi to Jeff,you’ll get along!),perhaps a few drinks in Valhalla,and some decent fishing with sunny days.To your family my condolences,know what it is like and will soon myself be traveling some miles for a friends service,times like these suck but is a part of life and you find out who your real friends are.

  4. Still missing you digger, wish we could come to Wisconsin and be there, but it is just too far. We will be sending flowers to celebrate your life.

        1. Hey #1 …. i do too. miss him so. was able to get on the pub today. of course Dan wasn’t there. not the same.

  5. Thanks Henry.

    Aw Angel. You know how to pick em. My eyes are leaking, and can’t talk. something in my throat. What a beautiful heart he had. What a lovely appreciation he had for God’s creation. I’ll never forget this man of compassion. In the short time i knew him i developed a love for him that will never go away. He helped me appreciate things i never knew existed before i met him. He taught me things i needed to learn.

    1. Ditto.
      Eric Clapton was one of Dan’s favorite musicians. I asked Henry/Admin and Millard if that song could be included with the Notice. Millard is planning to have the Service video taped and wants to post it for us, so we can be there too. When he posts it, he would love for us to post songs in the Response section that remind us of Dan, or want to share remembering him. I’ve got a couple in my pocket. 😉

  6. Thanks, Henry.

    We’ll definitely miss ya, Digs. It hasn’t been quite the same on here without ya.

  7. Dan died just 2 days after his 59th birthday. My only wish is that he had sought out help for his pain, he would still be with us today. I don’t blame him for not giving credence to the medical establishment, but they may have been able to save him.

    God rest your soul digger. You were such a decent and compassionate person. I miss you being around the trenches dearly. Your thoughts about the world we live in, and your love for music of all kinds, will always stay with me. You made the trenches a great place to be. You are missed by many.

    Millard, thank you for bringing us the service when it becomes available. It’s a lovely gesture to those of us that have no way of attending, and for closure to his close friends. You’re a great friend and brother to Dan.

  8. I will miss his posts. He was sort of the rock around here. I’m really sorry he got sick. Fifty-nine is to young.

  9. sorry to hear about this. I’ll miss his straight to the point blunt comments. but at least he will be remembered well by all.

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