6 thoughts on “Disney+, what to watch

  1. Lol.
    I canceled Netflix awhile back because every show had 5min man on man sex scenes.
    It really didn’t add to the shows plot. It was just there.
    I don’t want to watch 5min grinder porn regardless of their genders. Sure as hell not watching a show about a unlikely president where about half of the show is his aid and his secret service agent bumping uglies and then talking about it like a bunch of woman.
    Who comes up with this junk?

  2. Will they rename “The Magic Kingdom,” The Molesting Kingdom? And will “The Happiest Place on Earth” come to be known as The Creepiest Place on Earth?

    Dangerous fantasies is what they bring, poisoning the lives of children everywhere.


  3. If you think that’s bad, you should see what the evil Kathleen Kennedy is doing to Star Wars.

    Disney is fully WOKE and makes sure that every show spreads, “the Message”.

    Their “message” goes something like this:

    Black men, minority individuals (aka illegal immigrants and the LGBTQ folk) and all women in general are good, while White men are bad. Women are always in the lead roles and stars of the show and are being tormented by a white male. If there is a good white male star, he is being weakened, humiliated, destroyed or replaced by a female pushing a WOKE agenda (aka “the Message”). The black male is always used to bring up slavery and the Jews are always used to bring up Hitler and the Holohoax when either one is tormented by the evil White man.

    Any questions?

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