new Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds that nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults (64%) favor Congress “investigating the classified documents found at [President] Biden’s home and post-vice-presidential office” — including a majority of Democrats (52%). Continue reading “Poll: Two-thirds of Americans — including most Dems — favor investigation into Biden docs”


The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its order to halt all domestic flight departures across the United States Wednesday after it restored the system providing pilots with pre-flight safety notices. The overnight outage caused extensive disruption, and thousands of flights remain delayed across the country.  Continue reading “Flight departures resume across the United States after FAA system outage”

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The birth of Dolly the Sheep in July 1996 transformed animal cloning from science fiction into science fact. Since that time, researchers have successfully cloned pigs, dogs, cats, horses, rats, and a slew of other animals. The prospect of cloning human beings remains both scientifically challenging and, for many, ethically fraught. Continue reading “Ethics Consult: Fertilize Human Egg With Neanderthal Sperm? MD/JD Weighs In”

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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is in critical condition in a Cincinnati hospital after collapsing on the field with cardiac arrest Monday night in a game against the Bengals that was postponed. Continue reading “Bills S Damar Hamlin has cardiac arrest on field, NFL suspends game vs. Bengals”

MedPage Today – by Claire Panosian Dunavan, MD

It has been a bad year for cholera, the fecally transmitted scourge once depicted as a supernatural reaper wielding a giant scythe. When the artwork above, “Le Choléraopens in a new tab or window,” first appeared in 1912, cholera’s pathophysiology was still a mystery, but its clinical wrath wasn’t. By then, it was public knowledge that cholera could sometimes transform a previously healthy human into a withered, gray corpse in a matter of hours.  Continue reading “Cholera Returns With a Vengeance”


A Paralympic army veteran has claimed government officials in Canada offered to giver her euthanasia equipment when she was pushing to have a stairlift installed in her home.

Christine Gauthier, a retired corporal who competed at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics told a committee that a veteran affairs case worker offered in writing to supply her with an assisted suicide kit.

Three other disabled veteran are believed to have been offered the same equipment, according to Global News.

Ms Gauthier has written to the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who was reported as saying:

Continue reading “Canadian Paralympian offered assisted suicide when asking for a stairlift”

Washington Post – by by Salomeh Keyhani, MD

Q: I keep hearing about people quitting alcohol and switching to cannabis because they think it’s better for them. Is that true?

A:We have decades of research on the health effects of drinking. But research on cannabis is still evolving and the public health consequences of its commercialized use — in new products and doses — will take years to understand.

Continue reading “Ask a Doctor: Is marijuana as bad for me as alcohol?”

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The image of three men discovered balancing on the rudder of a ship for 11 days across the ocean from Nigeria to the Canary Islands has left people in shock.  Continue reading “People shocked at the image of three migrants discovered on ship’s rudder”

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We first started to think that there might be an impact of COVID vaccination on menstrual periods back in the spring of 2021.

Particularly in the U.K., we first vaccinated vulnerable people — mostly elderly, too old to have periods. But as we started to vaccinate younger people, people started to say, “Oh, I feel like I noticed that the vaccine affected my period.” Continue reading “Effects of COVID Vaccine on Menstruation”