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Distinguished U.S Marine Stands Up for American People and 9/11 Truth

Here is JD, US Marine Fighting Tyranny

Published on Sep 12, 2013 by wearechange

This video was shot on september 11th 2013, in Time Sq at an rally. In this video John a former U.S Marine with 5 engineering degrees with an expertise in aviation and missile defense says he knows the U.S government is lying about the 9/11 terrorist events.

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31 Responses to Distinguished U.S Marine Stands Up for American People and 9/11 Truth

  1. Smilardog says:

    Good Job, JD
    We are proud of you! We are no longer a voice in the wilderness, WE ARE FRONT STREET IN THEIR FACE, and we like it

    Bless you Brother!

  2. Smilardog says:

    Oh, and that was so cool to get “From the Trenches World Report” out there like that… YEAH!!!!

    • rbeason says:

      good to see you JD in this video
      if i could have I would have been there with you
      Robert Beason….Viet nam Vet in country Nam 1969 us army
      US 5 6 6 3 9 4 8 7
      Right on….kill us and we will return to uphold the US Constitution
      for that matter it represents…..the rightful thinking of all people around this earth of ours…..

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Hi Nam,

        I wish you were there!

        You, Henry and many of the Patriots from this site would have been an exceptional group of people to have present!

        JD – Your friend,.. and fellow Patriot.

        • rbeason says:

          hi back
          now we both know why the most highly decorated of Us marines, mr smedly butler, said what he did and ended his life towards the accomplishment of peace…………..cause to do other wise is a racket and Smedly was no man of challenge from the college ranks, he was a man who had been through the worst of the worst….
          bless you, JD your family….friends and if those are few you have some new ones here.
          Robert Beason

        • Angel-NYC says:

          Way to Go, JD! Great job! 🙂 🙂 🙂
          Wish I had known. 🙁
          Definitely would have been there.

    • RT Hawk says:

      Outstanding!!!!!! Well Done JD!!!!!!
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Just AweSome!!!!!!
      Blessed be!!!!!!!

  3. PARACLETE says:

    Carolina is PROUD of you too !!!!

  4. Paul says:

    Great job JD ! Saw this on another website and was also proud to to hear “From the Trenches World Report” mentioned.

  5. rbeason says:

    FROM THE TRENCHES just astounding….
    JD Tho it is…whom
    Henry would want for recognition….
    You got to stand up people
    and that is now…..JD and I don’t know the man, did just that in advance planning to get the word out……
    I am so proud of him
    Robert Beason……….also a vet………we will skip that….
    i wasn’t there….in this video….JD Was
    my delight is not capable of being said in some words right here, right now

  6. Paula Walker says:

    Missouri is proud of you, too JD!! Semper Fi and way to go! Hope those folks go to the website, and get an education on what true American nationals think of their “selected representatives” in DC. I like to think Gulliver, the sleeping giant, is awakening and throws off the shackles holding him down. Time to water the tree of freedom again.

  7. J. Shivley says:

    Way Awesome JD

  8. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Patriots:

    Thank you everyone for all the kind words!!!

    I was not even aware that “Wearechange” was video taping this, although I had seen people with video cameras,.. I just assumed it was people recording all of this for their own viewing.

    As I do not have any recording when I was speaking,.. I’m glad somebody got it.

    Jsut so our viewers know,.. this is not the whole speech. This video is edited, and there is probably about 6-10 minutes missing. I just wanted to clearify that, as I had stated at the beggining of this video (but it was edited out), that although I do have 5 degrees,.. only three are in the Engineering Field,.. the other two are Business Finance & Business Management (just to keep the record straight here.)

    Thanks again,. I will try to get some pictures of the day over to Henry and Laura in a little while.

    Thanks again for the warm and supportive comments,… We are winning!!!

    JD – US Marine,.. fighting for America,.. Americans,… and to stop tyranny!

    • rbeason says:

      Oh MY
      I am So Happy
      this is such a long fight
      for me its been since getting out of high school in 1963
      and having gone through vietnam 1969
      and all since then
      Now…JD stands up and says,
      you know what…………’s the way it is
      and Henry and his staff/wife/friend…..sorry I don’t know.
      have this site that backs the US Constitution and provides for, each day ,a probable solution to the us populace of regaining their own country
      It is, people, my pleasure and asking of all who visit this site, to think for yourselves….that one day, the criminal government of today will become once again……much closer to we the people….than say has been at least since 1900………….wouldn’t that be something.

    • NC says:

      By the way, how the hell did you manage to get 5 degrees? Damn, and I thought I was a bookworm. lol Congrates!

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Hi NC,

        Well, it didn’t plan on that when I started, it was more like a comedy of errors and circumstances that drove me down that route, than a suicidal need to see if I could stress myself to death with excessive amount of college work!

        Luckily,.. I survived,.. but just barely 😉


    • PARACLETE says:

      The video is now on youtube too

  9. REDHORSE says:

    Way to go JD. Nevada is proud of you also. Keep givin it to em stright brother.

  10. NC says:

    Wow! JD, you finally reveal yourself on TV. lol

    Dude, I don’t know what to say, other than I’d be DAMN proud to be fighting alongside you in person someday!

    Keep fighting the fight as I know those of us in TX are on your side. If everyone in the military had the same kind of balls as you do, this government would be thrown out by now.

    You are one hell of an American Patriot, my friend.

    Never give up and keep spreading the word.

  11. rhumstruck says:

    Great Job JD!

  12. Jolly Roger says:

    Excellent speech there, J.D. That was inspiring to see (I actually saw it on another website). Made me wish I were back in NYC for a day.

  13. James Kelley says:

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

  14. tammyc says:

    Fantastic work JD. I’m going to try finding the uncut version…Great Job!!!

  15. SNAFU says:

    In Spite of the edited video, Awesome job JD.

  16. Millard says:

    J.D., I was never so proud to see a highly decorated Marine step up and speak the truth. Kudos to you brother. I thought your point about people “not wanting to go there” because they cannot fathom the pure evil that is revealed in the truth. The truth is so awful that they don’t even want to know because, as Jack said, “You can’t handle the truth.” We must overcome this hurdle.

  17. BillyJoeBob says:

    Great Job JD! Thanks for your courage and it is great to see you speak so we can put a face to your voice. You do a great job daily with Henry on the show!

    God Bless…….from Wyoming

  18. marty wooton says:

    outstanding JD,florida is also proud of you , well done marine, god bless

  19. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    YOU ROCK, JD!!!!!

  20. dph says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for speaking out. No doubt you woke a few more people up.

  21. icky says:


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