4 thoughts on “Dog shot by police in Holly Hill recovering

  1. Shooting dogs is the new fad among pigs, who probably do this to intimidate people, and show us all how bad they are.

    To many people, the dog is a family member, so I’m looking forward to reading about a bunch of pigs being shot to pieces over this, and it’s only a matter of time.

    They’re going to shoot a dog owned by someone who has had a rough day, and they’re going to get what they deserve.

  2. Chicken sh*t pig cops. They don`t want to give the cops name eh, well good maybe the cops should be shot untill they do give up the cops involved with this.. This guy should not stop at just the vet bills getting paid. People like the pig that did this along with his partners are the low life scum of the earth and need to be elliminated damnit, yea I`m talking to those f`n cops involved with this as they were all as guilty as the pig that pulled the trigger and need to pay the price. Yea I can bet that they singled out this guy because he is a long hair and has a rott… I was singled out by the police dept. for that very reason because I am a long hair and had a hard core rotweiller.

    1. Yes Bart, I am still looking for the ones responsible for baseball batting/killing my rott and vandalizing my place 4 years ago while I was at work 👿 yep I am still looking for the bastards that did that. I put the word out and people got real quiet in town. I never forget things like that much less forgive. My rott was my buddy. Yea, damn right I am looking for who did that and I will not stop looking till I find who is responsible.

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